"Combat Eritrea" – The "New" Social-Revese-Engineering

THIS IS ONLY A DRAFT (A beta version as we technicians call it) 
Saudi Arabia has among others a highly vested interest in the “stability” of Ethiopia. So much at stake and so high the stocks;

the “land grabbing” in particular! (clip-part-1 / clip-part-2)

To achieve this objective, lessons from the social movement burning the North African rulers and the whole Arab World have to be appraised to contain any sign of a new regime “change”; at its source and birth before it is too late, no matter how remote and farfetched, as far as it lies in the anticipated sphere of influence, NOT ONLY BAHRAIN (hope intervention in vain).

Sociology experts have to work out a “social reverse-engineering” design. It seems a social environment is required to experiment the designed social plan. Ethiopia and its leader Melese seem to be elected for this purpose. The war rhetoric against Eritrea is the initial indication of this fact.

The lessons from the 2011 social movement are roughly: without Tunisia, there is No Egypt, without Egypt no Libya; Yemen, Bahrain, etc,. To contain and save what can be saved, a social-reverse-engineering /SRE/ (ex. rallying supporters, employing thugs & mercenaries, introducing supercial reforms, installing security forces, infiltratiion, disruption & psychological warfare, medial confusion and prohibition etc.) has to be introduced. 1. SRE for Libya, 2. SRE for Egypt, and 3. SRE for Tunisia, correspondingly for Yemen, Bahrain etc.

Notes to reflect on the social-reverse-engineering (SRE) designed for Eritrea and Ethiopia !

“Combat Eritrea”

1. War rhetoric against Eritrea,
2. Give the Eritrean regime a pretext of the best caliber (nationalism) to stifle its mass uprising,
3. Help the opposition; but make sure the strife between the Ethiopian and Eritrean democrats sustains,
4. Threaten; intervention supported by “Ethio- international” forces,
5. Frustrate any sign of “change” on this side of Mereb
6. Whistle a fake “nationalist” rhetoric against the other side of Mereb – “Shabia”.

Stifling any social movement in Eritrea is the crux matter of the design, since any movement in the region will spill over to Ethiopia, and even in the Horn of Africa as a whole; like it did from Tunisia to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain etc. Due to the geo-political and historical proximity of Eritrea and Ethiopia or the similar social-relations, there can be no doubt that any authentic social mass movement for democracy and genuine freedom beginning in Eritrea would have a tremendous “Tsunami” effect in the whole region, primarily in Ethiopia. This has to be stifled even before it is anticipated and prior to its birth. That is their point.

So the real objective of all the recent war-rhetoric is not the tyrant Isayas at all, but, if it happens to come, the social uprising against the half century rule of the dictator, which may take an unpredictable momentum any time, any soon.

With this strategy, Melesse and his Saudi mentors are “resisting the beginnings”, which they missed unaware in Tunisia, to experience all the “trouble” thereafter.

Beware of the War-Mongers! The war is anticipated for the SRE against the social movement of Dignity in the Horn, which may begin somewhere in a remote vicinity of Eritrea,- the latent “Tunisia” of the Horn of Africa, as projected in the scripts of the SRE from King Abdulah’s court! Eritrea, which provides the best objective conditions for an uprising.

– An autocratic rule and a one man dictatorship over five decades,
– An ideologically disoriented ruling class looming with clashes and corruption-conflicts,
– A destitute people and a highly dissatisfied youth,
– A relatively homogenous community,
– Diversity with more national coherence,
– In the low lands spiritual & cultural affinity to the Arab World; religion & language

This is a highly volatile latent fire which may ignite the whole region; “extremely precarious, if left unattended”, the SRE experts would say!

Beware Democrats ! Beware of the SRE! Eritrea ! Ethiopia! It is all our Common Human Dignity – Our Fraternity – which is at stake!

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