“Make it simple but not less simple” (cf. Einstein)

The “War Rhetoric” is only a medial playing ball thrown to occupy the mind of the opposition! Medial SRE Diversion campaign!
Please think of the hard fact, that Melese is not so stupid to make a real war against Eritrea, unless the threat of a mass uprising against the autocratic rule of Isayas becomes immediately real in Eritrea! This is just how dictators dandle eachother in reciprocal solidarity, even if they are apparently enemies!

Nonetheless it has a purpose. The purpose of the war rhetoric is
1- Provide dictator Isayas with a “beautiful” pretext to crash any social uprising against his rule, as an intervention from Ethiopia
2- Stifle all potential sources of the social “tsunami”s, which threaten the region; he has “secured” his own region
3- Save his own autocratic rule from any possible mass uprising in Ethiopia by damping the source of the social “fire” in “his” periphery region.
4- Discredit any social uprising against his own regime with his campaign that it is “designed from Shabia”

That is the New SRE, possibly designed in the Saudi courts, the refuge of all dictators.
1- Medial diversionary attacks, campaigns and manipulations
2- Preemptive security measures, like  threatening or declaring wars.
Measures against ”weak” dictators to save the “big” dictators; or
Ultimately armed occupation or support with armed forces direct intervention just before a mass uprising unfolds  …
Their lessons from the neighbor of Saudi Arabian, the “Bahrain” uprising, to prevent “NEW TUNISIAs”!
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