Logic Course for the Nile Project

 Nile Project = Ethiopia – “nech-lebashoch”= EPRDF
Universal Theorem 1; for poli maths:
Dangerous for a minority is the majority.
Universal Theorem 2; for ethnic poli-maths:
Dangerous for a minority ethnic rule is the ethnic majority
Ethiopian application:
1. Contain majority
2. Contain ethnic majority
3. Attack the radical majority section
4. Dismember all majority affiliations
Majority –> Ethnic majority –> radical majority –> all majority –> every member
All Ethiopians–> Oromos –> OLF —> Legal Oromo-parties –> intimidate every member of the majority
Ethiopia has to get rid of its enemies for its developing existence. In the Nile Project, the Enemies are functionally chained to Egypt as follows.
Enemy EGYPT = A function (variable, Eritrea)
Enemy Eritrea = A function (variable, Terrorism); Terrorists: OLF etc.
Enemy Terrorism/OLF = A function (variable, medrek)
Enemy medrek = A function (varable, opposition parties)
Enemy Opp.Parties = A function (variable, majority Ethiopians)
Enemy majority = A function (variable, Oromos)
Enemy Oromos = A function (variable, others)
Enemy Others = A function (variable, none-eprdfs)
That means in the final analysis,
Enemy Egypt = a function ( variable,none-eprdfs)
That means all none-eprdfs are enemies.
These enemies are called “nech-lebashoch”/ “the third battalion”
Enemies/”Nech-lebashoch”/ have to be made dysfunctional or eliminated for the Nile Project to function.
Nile project = Ethiopia – none-eprdfs = EPRFites = ETHIOPIA
Nile project = EPRDF(1*= ETHIOPIA
Who are the none-eprdfites?  The Anti-meleses.

All these variables have got a name called: “nech-lebashoch” because they all work against the Ethiopian development.
And which are the majority of these “nech-lebashoch”, among the population of Ethiopia?
Oromos are variables of Eritrea: I.e. Eritrea = Function( oromos).
Therefore if you attack Oromos, you have attacked Eritrea and can consider it as declaring war on Eritrea. Accordingly, if you make them dysfunctional you can remain in power for long and avoid the social contagion of Egypt and Tunisia!
1*) EPRDF was 30 years ago a function of Eritrea and Egypt. Therefore there can still be some eprdfites, who have still remained “nech-lebashoch”. All those “anti-melese” eprdfites  are still “nech-lebashoch “and enemies.
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