„Nech-Lebashoch „ and the Nile project

„Nech-Lebashoch (1 „ and the Nile project (the logic of autocracy)
Listen to the Interview of AA inhabitants (specially the irony of the old woman at the middle of the interviewed )
The Nile Project as a project of Ethiopian development,  functionalized in the logic of autocracy.

Nile Project is a function of Ethiopia. But Egypt has always been an enemy of Ethiopia, and tries to make Ethiopia a function of Egypt by disrupting its development and employing the Nile River for its own development only(1*. For this purpose, Egypt has a variable called Eritrea. Eritrea has variables called terrorist organizations(OLF) and NGOs, Terrorist organizations(OLF etc.) have variables called legal organizations, legal organizations have a variable called  medrek. Medrek has its member organizations as variables. Member organizations have their members as variables and members have bodies and minds as variables. Variables have the attribute of varying and not behaving to abide by the rule; incapable of loving the Ethiopian prime-minister Melese…

Expressed in their simple poli-maths.
The Formula: 

Nile Project = Ethiopia – Egypt(Eritrea) – Eritrea(OLF) – OLF(MEDREK) – MEDREK(All Opposition+NGO) – NoneEPRDF- AntiEPRDF – AntiMelese (this section = 0)
Nile Project = Ethiopia.
Universal Theorem 1; for poli maths:
Dangerous for a minority is the majority.
Universal Theorem 2; for ethnic poli-maths:
Dangerous for a minority ethnic rule is the ethnic majority
Ethiopian application:
1. Contain majority
2. Contain ethnic majority
3. Attack the radical majority section
4. Dismember all majority affiliations
Majority –> Ethnic majority –> radical majority –> all majority –> every member
All Ethiopians–> Oromos –> OLF —> Legal Oromo-parties –> intimidate every member of the majority
Ethiopia has to get rid of its enemies for its developing existence. The Enemies are functionally chained to Egypt as follows.
Enemy EGYPT = A function (variable, Eritrea)
Enemy Eritrea = A function (variable, Terrorism); Terrorists: OLF etc.
Enemy Terrorism/OLF = A function (variable, medrek)
Enemy medrek = A function (varable, opposition parties)
Enemy Opp.Parties = A function (variable, majority Ethiopians)
Enemy majority = A function (variable, Oromos)
Enemy Oromos = A function (variable, others)
Enemy Others = A function (variable, none-eprdfs)
That means in the final analysis,
Enemy Egypt = a function ( variable,none-eprdfs)
That means all none-eprdfs are enemies.
These enemies are called “nech-lebashoch”/ “the third battalion”
Enemies/”Nech-lebashoch”/ have to be made dysfunctional or eliminated for the Nile Project to function.
Nile project = Ethiopia – none-eprdfs = EPRFites = ETHIOPIA
Nile project = EPRDF(1*= ETHIOPIA
Who are the none-eprdfite?
The Anti-meleses

All these variables have got a name called: “nech-lebashoch” because they all work against the Ethiopian development.
And which are the majority of these “nech-lebashoch”, among the population of Ethiopia?


OLF is here the big variable. And the real targets are the OROMOS! According to Ethnic -poli-maths, OLF belongs to the ethnic majority -the OROMOS. Since the majority is the arc enemy of the minority, in poli-maths, the whole calculation amounts to de-functionalize OLF from the source – the OROMOS. And the declaration of War is a war against the Oromos in action and has nothing to do with Eritrea! Eritrea is just the cover-packet of the campaign to instigate the usual unhealthy basic ethnic instincts of racism among Ethiopians!

The only response to this danger is 
1. An unequivocal solidarity with all Oromos !
2. Upholding the rule of majority and Democracy!

(1* Egypt has existed for thousands of years, including the last 30 years, during the creation and liberation of Eritrea. And by the same logic the TPLFs were at the service of Eritrea and by proxy Egypt while working for “the liberation of Tigrai” and ultimately for the liberation of Ethiopia from the Military regime, through EPRDF. Since Egypt has the particular capacity to make all around it “nech-lebash”,  Ethiopia has then the peculiar fate of being a function of Egypt, consisting of only “nech-lebashoch” since the EPRDFites must have also been  “nech-lebashoch”.  And in the final analysis that means there are no Ethiopians in Ethiopia. Ethiopia without Ethiopians is ridiculous. Thus there is no need for ETHIOPIA. That is the objective of the whole dance around the bush! The unconscious tenor of Melese’s discourse on “nech-lebashoch”. Authentic remains his spontanous position 15 years back on Ethiopia; like “Bandira cherk new” and “Ethiopia is just a century old” etc.
(1 “Nech Lebashoch”, Amharic meaning foreign agents

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