Difference is NORMAL,
Difference is NATURAL,
Difference is PROMOTION,
Difference is PRIMARY(1 and BEAUTIFUL
Never an Obstacle but a source of Motion and Elevation…
It is only the perception which causes all the presumed problems (of the so-called “Ethnicity” or whatever… “Identity” etc.)!
Basic is the HUMAN
Basic is the NATURE, which comprises ALL!
That is what we should call Identity – Our Human Identity – 


All the other discourses on whatever identities we want to share, are just different modes of perceptions, and as a matter of fact, in the last analysis the overtures for the music of power-politics! Power Politics to empower the very few! Ethiopian History past and new is full of testimonies for this truth!

The following is an excellent account which highlights the “MATRIX”, out of which WE would build our NEW ETHIOPIA; beyond all legacy regimes, their political outlooks and their failings!

We owe Many Thanks to our enlightening Ethiopian Brother Obang Metho!
“Let us now build bridges to each other like what happened at these meetings! The bridges we construct are not only for the present, but to be used and enjoyed by people of the future just like Ethiopians still love the eucalyptus trees; not only for its beauty, but also because it can be used for practical reasons—to build homes, to provide medication, for shelter and for many other uses! Menelik had the vision for the future that left us this tree; what will we leave to our descendents?
May God help us plant the seeds of reconciliation that will bring a legacy of love, justice, peace, harmony and prosperity to a New Ethiopia. Let us sow the seeds by reaching out to others, by admitting our own flaws, by forgiving each other for the wounds of the past and by appreciating the value that God has given to all human kind! What a joy it would be for us Ethiopians to leave such a legacy for those still to come!” ( Read More…)
1) To appreciate and grasp the concept of “Difference”, see more on “The thoughts of Deleuze”

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