"Syria’s Uprising and …Syria’s Torments" …& Ethiopia?

Thirty years ago, or a decade before, Ethiopia was promptly associated with Famine and Hunger, today or these days, it is a synonym for Famine too, but this time not alone; it has taken the rest of Horn of Africa with it! And the tragedy goes on as reported on all Medias of the globe. Thirty years ago, Dergue was taken to be guilty for that or the Monarchy a decade before. Be it or not, taking the sole responsibility for the tragedy, they have both paid for it. Today the nature of the tragedy is not less dramatic, if not more, but it is taken as “God-given” and nature is being accounted for it. No one “down to Earth” seems to to be accounted for it. The public governmental medias are underplaying this aspect of the story. Why, because, there is an apparent global responsibility for it.

The hypocrisy: -No one dares to bring this discourse to the public!

But the reality is, the Ethiopian regime as well as all the western powers plus the recent regional and Far East investment players of “development” (land grabbing & conflict managers), which have been the driving wheels of the region under the leadership of the TPLF administration are responsible for the human tragedy unfolding in the Horn of Africa! And because of this fact, the policy seems to be No Change is necessary!

However, for the vast majority of the people, given this Misery, Destitution and Famine as the outcome of the much propagated “Development, Modernization and investment promotion (ex. land grabbing)”,  just like Syria (where for good, the people are fighting back to take their fate in their hands), for Ethiopia too, such

“Development, Modernization and investment are nothing but the ideology that legitimizes the wealth of this group and their privileged location vis-à-vis national resources by using the pretext of “the demands of development and encouraging investment.”

(See analysis on  http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/2377/the-syrian-common_the-uprising-of-the-working-soci)

In Syria, tells the above analysis further

“As for Ba`thist doctrine, in its rejectionist inflection, it is merely a language and set of symbols that help profiteering ideologues deceive themselves as they wallow with the mukhabarat and appear on Syrian TV giving sermons about patriotism to Syrians while they spend leisurely times in five star hotels at the expense of the Syrian people. This requires a more detailed study, which I hope to conduct someday, but it seems plausible in my view that the uprising is a reaction to this policy of “development and modernization” in general. This policy which combines vulgar political authoritarianism and a mode of development that is friendly to city centers and the rich, together with a modernist ideology that symbolizes a life style combining wealth, consumption and “opening.” This mélange is what has marked the reign of president Bashar al-Asad from its outset.”

We can take the tenor of this for Ethiopia as well!

Please see the contributions on “Syria’s Uprising and …Syria’s Torments” published on two papers:


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