The Syrian "Common": The Uprising of the Working Society

By all means of political analogy, the Experience of the Syrian Uprising can be helpful for the Ethiopian Struggle for dignity, which would for sure one day unfold in a similar intensity.

Given the people’s misery, all the destitution, and the famine which is now coming to its peak in Ethiopia and the whole Horn of Africa, it is highly  apparent, like that of the Syrian, that the “big discourses” of the TPLF regime  – on “Development and modernization” are nothing but the ideology that legitimizes the wealth of this group and their privileged location vis-à-vis national resources by using the pretext of “the demands of development and encouraging investment.”  (See an interesting analysis on the syrian uprising in the link below)

The Syrian “Common”: The Uprising of the Working Society

More on The Syrian Uprising
published on
Middle East Research and Information Project

Syria’s Torment

by The Editors | published August 10, 2011

There are two political-intellectual prisms through which the recurrent conflagrations of the modern Middle East are conventionally seen. One casts the region’s stubborn ills as internally caused — by the outsize role of religion in public life, the persistence of primordial identities like sect and tribe, and the centuries-long accretion of patriarchal norms. The other espies the root of all evils in external interference, from European colonialism to the creation of Israel and assorted ventures of the imperial United States.
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