Ato Tekalign Gedamu

Ato Tekalign Gedamu’s (TG) Book: 

Republicans on the Throne (2011)

Impression: A Beautiful Mind out of Ethiopia!

Simply beautiful, like the green tree; but still waiting for the blossoming of its flowers in the coming spring: – Moving – too moving that I have to restrain myself from making any form of critical review/1; full of vision and emotions, entertaining political anecdotes with serious messages skittering to incite self-reflections; and culturally embedded with down-to earth pragmatism.

Ato TG is A PROTYPE OF AN ETHIOPIAN, who restored my confidence in the reflection capacity of the Ethiopian Intellectual again; after having perceived so far, all types of rather frustrating “dogmatic discourses out of the box“, from different corners of the active Ethiopian political class. An Ethiopian Intellectual prototype, I crave for our NEW ETHIOPIA, in the true meaning of the Word, empathic, honest, open and concerned for the Ethiopian community as a whole with all its cultural diversity and the individual as well, with his healthy and keen roots in the past; ready to blossom in the modern future of our generation. 

Here is someone with multidimensional experience through all walks of life (child, young, mature and honored, bright and dark /a short prison sojourn too, not to forget), including his own youthful radical world outlooks he trespassed, and professional, domestic and global career, beginning way back in the ancient regime right up to today. An intellectual, demonstrating the tremendous maturity he acquired through observing, and vested with higher (ministerial included) posts interfacing all the regimes and their global affiliations, this generation has witnessed. – Regimes which, in the last half century ransacked our community, all in their ways, claiming to bring about a presumable change and development.  
We know the culminating summary product of this “change” in the human misery and the political crisis, the Horn of Africa suffers these days… once again and again… Ethiopia amidst, as the big regional political player! /3

Every concerned Ethiopian who has experienced or would like to get to know all the ups and the downs of the last half century, to whatever political “breed“, “kin”,  “creed” or “ethics” subscribed, should not miss reading TG’s personal account, which can be taken to be a micro-critical display of our own recent Ethiopian history. 

An authentic and honest account of an Ethiopian intellectual, who shares his life experience; to promote the well-being of our common HOMELAND –ETHIOPIA; full of insights and substance for reflection; be it between the lines or in his ingenious résumé, – Wither Ethiopia– (chapter 20 + 21); especially helpful for the bewildered political class of our nation; with all its skirmish and tiny problems having difficulty to come at peace within itself! – Valuable, without exception, YES – for all sectors of our political class, to come out of their tight political boxes to deliberate together in the formation of their common nation-state – ETHIOPIA! 

Ato TG ‘s account is  the fruit of a life-long experience worth all respect and attention. The sort of “Intellectual Bridge” Ethiopia needs to come out of its today’s intellectual and political abyss.

Summing up in a word:
If any concerned Ethiopian citizen is missing an authentic insider-witness story on the turmoil of the Ethiopian State and community during the last half century, he/she has to read Ato TG’s memoires /2!

ባጭሩ ፦
አቶ ተካልኝ ገዳሙ በዚህ መልክታቸው፦ 
የኢትዮጵያን የፓለቲካ የልብ ትርታ ከማንም በላቀ ጥልቀት አግኝተውታል ባይ ነኝ! 
ምስጋና ይድረሳቸውና ታድያ እንግሊዝኛው ለማይቀናቸው ወገኖቻችን ባማርኛም በተጨማሪ ቢያዳርሱት ምንኛ በጠቀመ ያሰኛል!!!
1/ I somehow miss an articulate opinion of  Ato TG on the role played by IMF and World Bank in the development policy of Africa…
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