Humiliating a Generation! Part II

Humiliating a Generation! Part II

“In a way, the torture victim’s own body is rendered his worse enemy. It is corporeal agony that compels the sufferer to mutate, his identity to fragment, his ideals and principles to crumble. The body becomes an accomplice of the tormentor, an uninterruptible channel of communication, a treasonous, poisoned territory.”  (0

This is Humiliating a Generation! Part II  (1

The first part was the crime on Birtukan; Thursday, 7 October 2010

(Listen to her Interview later, in the aftermath (abroad): VOA-Interview)

Humiliating and Demoralization is a disgusting political tool -an expression of inhumanity employed in a social evolution, indicating the primitiveness and inhumanity of the employer! A disaster for the social community, in all aspects, collective as well as individual! 
The objective of the following play (1 is humiliation of the whole new generation and has nothing to do with “Rule of Law”. 
The very fact of publicizing such “processes” is the very testimony of the torture, (a simple closer look of their body language tells all the facts) underlying the outcome. It is, as a matter of fact: the perpetuation of the torture even in the aftermath (cf. History is full of testimonies of the kind under Stalin and Hitler). 
Humiliating a generation; -A crime against a generation!
-This is a concerted project of a bunch of psychopaths (all you have to do is to make a closer look at the reporter himself!)
FYI, See the new findings of science on the BBC Horizon research-report on the psychopaths of our world today:

The Whole Ethiopian administration is sick and this is a mockery of “Rule of Law”.

And moreover SHAME to all those supporting the regime, specially the “United States”, the most important ally and protector, and gar-ant of the Melese Regime, looking and letting this farce happen in “political silence and hypocrisy”! – A double game!  One can even speculate that the whole stuff is taking place under the Reggie OF THEIR own “INTELLIGENCE OFFICES” (2; given THE FACTS underlying the socio-historical process of the generation, beginning way back at the roots  of the “Cold War”!

(0There is one place in which one’s privacy, intimacy, integrity and inviolability are guaranteed – one’s body, a unique temple and a familiar territory of sensa and personal history. The torturer invades, defiles and desecrates this shrine. He does so publicly, deliberately, repeatedly and, often, sadistically and sexually, with undisguised pleasure. Hence the all-pervasive, long-lasting, and, frequently, irreversible effects and outcomes of torture.
In a way, the torture victim’s own body is rendered his worse enemy. It is corporeal agony that compels the sufferer to mutate, his identity to fragment, his ideals and principles to crumble. The body becomes an accomplice of the tormentor, an uninterruptible channel of communication, a treasonous, poisoned territory.
It fosters a humiliating dependency of the abused on the perpetrator. Bodily needs denied – sleep, toilet, food, water – are wrongly perceived by the victim as the direct causes of his degradation and dehumanization. As he sees it, he is rendered bestial not by the sadistic bullies around him but by his own flesh.
The concept of “body” can easily be extended to “family”, or “home”. Torture is often applied to kin and kith, compatriots, or colleagues. This intends to disrupt the continuity of “surroundings, habits, appearance, relations with others”, as the CIA put it in one of its manuals. A sense of cohesive self-identity depends crucially on the familiar and the continuous. By attacking both one’s biological body and one’s “social body”, the victim’s psyche is strained to the point of dissociation.
“The CIA, in its “Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983” (reprinted in the April 1997 issue of Harper’s Magazine), summed up the theory of coercion thus:
“The purpose of all coercive techniques is to induce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. Regression is basically a loss of autonomy, a reversion to an earlier behavioral level. As the subject regresses, his learned personality traits fall away in reverse chronological order. He begins to lose the capacity to carry out the highest creative activities, to deal with complex situations, or to cope with stressful interpersonal relationships or repeated frustrations.”
Inevitably, in the aftermath of torture, its victims feel helpless and powerless. This loss of control over one’s life and body is manifested physically in impotence, attention deficits, and insomnia. This is often exacerbated by the disbelief many torture victims encounter, especially if they are unable to produce scars, or other “objective” proof of their ordeal. Language cannot communicate such an intensely private experience as pain.”
1*) In Light of this you can watch all the atrocities encountered by all the genuine Ethiopians involved, – the victims – in the following medial material:-
And register up to what level of primitiveness the Ethiopian State is down degraded today in the eyes of the whole globe; one has even to “call the spade by the name”(2, under the Reggie of all those supporting the Melese Regime at all levels; – states, organizations, groups  and individuals. The Disaster of the century for Ethiopia per se at all levels!
Humiliating a generation
Part one
Part two
Part Three
Part Four
Part five
2) ለዘንድሮው አትላንታ ማስታወሻ *1!
አዲስ የኳስ ጨዋታ ተፈጥሮ፦ ባለአስራ አንድ አባላት፦
ሁለት ቡድን ይሁን ሶስት፦ ያልታወቀ ያለበት፤
የሶስተኛው ቡድን ማንነት፤
አስራ አንድ ይሁን፦አስራ ሁለት፦
ይዘቱ ያልለየለት።
የትም ዞረ የትም አስራ ሁለተኛው ለየት ይላል፦
የመሰወር ዘይቤን ተክኖታል ።
ዓፈ ቀላጤ ግልጋሎቱ፦ ስውር ሆኖም፦ ለሁሉም፤
ወገን ለይቶ ጭዋታም አይሻም።
ባሻው ቡድን ገብቶ ሲጫወት፦
ሁሉም እሱን ብቻ ሆነና፦ የሚያደምጡት፤
ሌላው አስራ አንዱ ቢጯጯሁ፦ ማንን ሊሰማ ማን፦
ጭዋ ታው ቀርቶ፦ የጨረባ ተዝካር ሲሆን።
እርሱ ደግሞ ልዩ ጥበቡና ማዕረጉ፦
ቡድናት እንዳይሸናነፉ ማድረጉ።
በአጥቂ ጥበቡ ላንደኛው ግብ ሲያሰገባ፦
ሌላው ሲያኮርፍበት ያንን ሲያግባባ፦
አቻ ለአቻ እየሆኑ ጀንበር ጠለቀ ጠባ።
እንዲያም ሲል ለተመልካች ሆነ ተጫዋች
ሆነና፦ መላ ቅጥ ያጣ አሰላች፤
ጨዋታው ግጥሚያ አይሉት ውድድር፦
የእርስ በርስ፦ ሆያ ሆዬ የመንደር፤
አወይ እያበገነ ሲያስመርር፦
አስራ ሁለተኛው በመሃል ግርግር፦
መሪ ተዋናይ ሆኖ ሲቀር።
ግሩም ድንቅ
ያንተ ስራ ይልቅ!
እንድያ እንዲያ ሲል ግማሽ ምዕተ ዓመት አለፈን፦
የዕውነት ግብ ማስገባት አቅቶን፤
ሁለት ይሁን ሶስት ማወቅ ተስኖን፦
የ ኳስ ምስጢረ ስላሴ ሳይገባን፦
የ ጭዋ ተው  ቡድናችን።
ኣወይ ጉዳችን፦
ሲሆን፦ ማዘን፤
 ለዘመኑ ጅግኖቻችን።
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