To “Overcome Powerlessness” in the
the self- empowerment process of the “Powerless”,
i.e. The People;
effecting a substantial CHANGE, 
first at grass-root level, 
would at “no-time”  reverberate within the whole community 
ignite the BIG SOCIAL CHANGE for a genuine Democratic system.
The following 10 Theses of Professor Dr. Gerd Meyer promoting Erich Fromm’s humanistic intention are very valuable in breaking the ice of powerlessness, which dominates the feelings of the masses in an authoritarian atmosphere of any social community at large…
 Ten Theses on the Inner Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness
Within and beyond
the limits of law and structures:
in personal interaction, another person
has only that much power as given to him by
Our evaluation strongly determines the status
and the prestige of the powerful as well as the
powerless and the relative impact of their power.
In social relations, superior power which I
suppose I have to bow to, in reality is often
based on the force of habit or on voluntary acceptance.
Overcoming powerlessness starts
in our minds:
we ourselves, by our way of thinking, we
make us dependent and hinder us to become
Very often we think too much in a negative
and restrictive manner. We do not see enough
the positive chances and opportunities for
Every change starts inside of us. 
Every change starts in my own sphere of responsibility.
We often underestimate the impact of active
and innovative minorities, the power of solidarity
and courage at the grass roots level of society.
Productive is an understanding and practice
of power which does not strive for control of others,
but that is built and used to work together
for common interests and the well-being of as
many as possible. This is a democratic way to
combine legitimate interests of our own with social
and political solidarity.
Overcoming powerlessness needs knowledge,
patience and confidence,%20G.,%202005a.pdf  

Any distribution or publication requires the consent of the author.

Reprinting these extracts granted in this form by
Copyright © 2005 by Professor Dr. Gerd Meyer
Institut für Politikwissenschaft der Universität Tübingen
Melanchthonstr. 36, D-72074 Tübingen
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