Interesting from De Birhan:

Interesting from De Birhan:1. “Long live the King, the King is Dead” in the hands of  “the confused” is so expensive (more than $200 Mill.)   that it can only be kompensated by “the Life of the King”. The Challenge, “Show him “LIVE”” is a shrewd move, which makes the whole game even more  costy, by ever day that elapses. If there were  a “Standard & Poors” Rating for Ethiopia, it would have been alarming!   If not, the expenses are calculated and deliberate to get  rid of a section of “the confused” for good.
 If, (a big IF) that is done without a victim/ “scapegoat” prepared for the event; then the guys are in a firm controll of their business. A further power consolidation is planned, which cannot  be coped with so easily. The “One-Party-System” will sustain so long until one day a ” Tunisian sort of a spring flower” emerges out of the blues, given a relatively  “wealthy state” to enforce a correction of  the “superstructure”; when the “wealthy class” is caught in a frenzy of enjoying its life, forgetful and unaware of the misery of its periphery ! Like the “ancient regime” of HSI once upon a time!

2. Moments of forces, which may have a significant role in the coming relations of power, within the regime:
“Redwan Hussien , the ruling EPRDF’s Public mobilization and Participation Advisor Minister to the Prime Minister and Muktar Kedir, Head of the Office of the Prime Minister and also Minister of Cabinet Affairs and General Samora Younis, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Forcess are all Muslims who have reportedly grumbled their opposition to the current crackdown on Muslim protesters.  The event causes an endless political rift within the ruling party and national political discourse further fragmenting the political stakes of the country into religion. Economically, the Muslim community in Ethiopia is the back bone of the business sector, hence boycott and protest actions by this section of the population and the economy, is capable of crippling the ailing economy and making the life of citizens difficult.  The age old social and cultural intermingling and cohesion of Ethiopian Muslims and Christians might through time be also affected due to “miscommunication and misinterpretation of the real causes of the conflict” done regime owned media and propagandists.This may be far-fetched, at the moment;  but the whole conglomerate power of Al Amoudin belongs also to this section. – A potential and an anticipated “mass base” of the latter. 

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