The Role of the Youth

If all actors are collectively designated as agency, we can call them „The Human Agency”.
This Agency can be divided ( to make the social analysis and its dynamics as simple as possible) into three big sections or strata, with the “participation” of two special agencies, we call “singularities”(cf. Deleuze parlance, multiplicities, assemblage, singularities etc.) – the Human and the Absolute; partially, these are models of abstraction, which can only be discerned in their effects in the final analysis of social dynamics).

Thus, the “Human Agency”, as posited in contrast to the all-encompassing “Natural Agency“ of Life , consists of :

I. Multiplicities

A. The Elite (a)
B. The mass (b)
C: The Youth (c)

II. Singularities

D. The Human (d)
E. The Absolute (e)/or God to employ a concept of common understanding/

A. The Elite (a) is, in a given social complex, that multiplicity of singularities /individual subjects, singular in a sense of their indivisibility and objective sovereignty/, who are privileged, materially, spiritually or socially; due to different circumstances of historical, cultural or traditional/ patrimonial, or/and educational significance, resulting in social power emanating out of the given different backgrounds like military, religion, or family and social status, cumulated in a state structure of different forms.

B. The Mass (b) is taken as the assemblage /the collection/ of all the underprivileged strata incorporating more than two third of the whole but enjoying less than a third of all the benefits a social complex in a populated region (state, nation or more or less etc.) can afford, whereby the first third goes to the Elite, the second third in the best case to the Youth, in the worst case to the Elite.

C. The Youth (c) is taken to be a multiplicity of citizens under 40 covering and permeating the other assemblages ( The Elite and The Mass) but with its own specific preferences of attractors of meanings and social benefits and interests ( including for ex. education, investments etc. for the future)

D. The Human (d) is the abstraction of the autonomous, sovereign and independent Individual (i.e. irrespective of their stratum background all those genuinely committed to the enlightenment of the social body); including the extrapolation of the future or rather “the crystal image”.

E. The Absolute/ GOD (e) is the abstraction of symmetry control parameters from „initial conditions of existence” still at work in the reality. “Something“ like the Absolute, the immanence, that beyond dimension or the “BwO” (Deleuze), the embodiment of the “consecrated past” in the Virtual embedded in LIFE.

“Life” according to the “Harmony Model” develops along four relevant and significant planes effecting a wholesome social dynamics encompassing all the human agency:

1. The social Plane
2. The material plane
3. The spiritual plane
4. The cultural plane

The different sections of the human agency have all their own preferences of attractors of meanings, correlated to and running along the planes of life, from which they could at best extract a big share of the social benefit or see significant meanings for their existence.

In short, The Elite is interested in the domination of the social plane i.e. the state, the community and the family as its constituent sections. The Mass is in its inherent nature attracted to its own self, (the material plane) to give it all the preference it owes in order to make its existence and survival meaningful; the material plane incorporating, mankind, nature and the universe at large.
The Youth with all the vision and joy for life, it may be endowed with or socially nurtured, the attractor of meaning it would prefer will revolve around the spiritual plane, with faith/philosophy, religion or conscience as its constituent parts.
And The Human has the undisputed cultural plane as an attractor of meaning.

The social plane (S) (the state, community, family; sections which can again be distributed among the different agents, according to their relevant preferences), is an attractor of meaning for The Elite,
The material plane (M) (universe, nature, mankind), has more meaning to The mass
The spiritual plane (Sp)(faith/philosophy, religion, conscience) is preferred as an attractor of meaning by The Youth;

The cultural plane (C) is the a plane of activity with more relevance to the sovereign Individual. Therefore it can be correlated to the The Human as a whole, where of course in the capacity as a human every singularity of a social complex will be rediscovered in its corresponding activity.

To visualize and understand the macro perspectives of a social dynamics, this constellation will be elaborated in the link below by means of geometrical pictures and simple algebra, with the purpose of highlighting the role of the Youth in a social dynamics and transformation.
Just as an introduction here, to visualize the relation, the preferences can be expressed algebraically as functions of social dynamics, in the following way:
[Legends: example: S, social, a, Elite; S(a), the social plane as an attractor of meaning for the elite; M(b) for the mass, Sp(c) for the youth and C(d) for the human correspondingly; Harmony(Agency), H(A)]

H(A) == S(a) +M(b) + Sp(c) +C(d)

Different preferences distributed according to the various sectors in the corresponding four planes, S(a)+M(b) + Sp(c) +C(d) can have detailed parameters.
Example: S(a) correlated like; State -to the elite, a; community to the mass, b; family to the youth, c ….etc. for the other planes in a similar distribution, resulting in the total sum as follows:

S(a)= a*a +a*b +a*c

H(A) == a*a+b*b+c*c + 2ab+2ac+2bc+ da+db+dc

To READ & visualize MORE see:

A simple algebra of a zero-sum-game

I would like here to indicate that African underdevelopment is a result of a zero-sum-game in which The Elite has not managed, all through our century to come to a fundamental national consensus among itself. A national consensus which was missing all along the social collective, due to diverse factors – local as well as global factors.
And in particular, in our Ethiopian case today, the Elite is still playing a zero-sum game.

A zero-sum-game manifested by the laborious and weary game of contradictions, with every one working against the other to come to a net zero benefit for the social complex both in the promotion of enlightenment as well as social prosperity i.e. Social transformation and development.
The game of contradictions, with one excluding the other, eliminating an outcome of a net-benefit – A zero-sum-game along tradition, basic ethnic instincts, religion, ideology, and sectional economic interests.

The end-product of a zero-sum-game is equal to zero…”0″.

With The Elite playing against each other up to and including total elimination, from the function of H(Agency) in the capacity of the Elite (a) what remains for the social complex is an approximation of a = 0. And be it in its interaction with itself (a*a) or with the mass (a*b) or with the youth (a*c), the benefit is meaningless as long as it is demotivated, through the “principle„ of excluding, deconstructing and demoralizing one another.

I.e. H (Agency) ==a*a (=0) +b*b +c*c +2ab(=0) +2ac(=0) +2bc+da(=0) +db+dc

H(Agency) = H(A) ==b*b+c*c+2bc+db+dc

With this rest constellation it is apparent that The Youth (c), whose attractor of meaning is of spiritual nature (faith/vision, religion or conscience) plays a crucial role. Since The Youth is partially a section of The Elite, it has the option either to play the game of the elite or to disassociate itself from the game of the Elite. If it develops along its own attractor of meaning, it can determine along what line the social body would vibrate to bring about a social transformation.

If The Youth plays the same “zero-sum-game” (c=0) as the Elite, counter to the interests of The Mass what remains from H(A) is just a “good for nothing” – the survival struggle ;

H(A) = b*b + d*b ;

I.e. The toils of the mass combined with the interaction of some autonomous individuals with the mass; which is nothing more than the subsistence of UNDERDEVELOPMENT symbolized by the following “champagne glass” wealth distribution (click to enlarge pictures):

In contrast to, for instance “the Far-East-Tigers”, that, explains why Ethiopia and Africa at large remained backward, with no substantial development. And this is actually due to the missing consensus of The Elite and The Youth in basic national interests, towards the socio-cultural development of The Mass.
In other words and to “make it simple but not less simple”, it is the youth which plays the cardinal role in the social transformation of a society. The Elite, in particular the top of the elite is uninterested as long as its benefits are untouched, the mass is busy in its survival struggle, but the youth is the interim section which can determine the fate of the social body at large. The idea and the notion which has won the hearts of the youth would also dominate the minds of the social collective, be it ideology and religion or enlightened vision and conscience.

Under these conditions, in regions where underdevelopment prevails, The Youth has so often played a tremendous role in transforming the social conditions by developing its own objectives as opposed to its contemporary Elite; not always successful but always towards the objective of a collective enlightenment. Ethiopia was, for instance, four decades ago, under such a condition where the youth played a crucial role, in the transformation of the old feudal social order introducing a new era, even if unfortunately the process is by far still not complete – a fact, 40 years after, calling for a serious reflection on our collective mind or the mind of the last drop – the last Wo-Man and Man!

And Tunisia today, which is illuminating far away beyond its frontiers, is a heroic demonstration of these phenomena highlighting the great role of the youth for enlightening Africa.
Nonetheless, still the big point remains; which one of the contending big IDEAS will win the minds and the hearts of THE YOUTH: Ideological dogma and Religion or The vision of ENLIGTENMENT and Genuine Democracy!
H.B. 26.01.2011!
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