The Big Picture II


Together, the EMLO-SBEGO, the Duet and Quartet solution will be worked out by the “big“international and local political players. Let us hope it will end up at least in an open democratic space so that Ethiopia could at last find its Peace and political stability for a harmonious economic & cultural development, it long deserved in Africa! – The local players thereby not losing sight of the big picture of our Ethiopian national interest. – I.e. The continuity of the Ethiopian Statehood.

Before the solution, the following months will be full of “The Duet and Quartet games”.

Who are the “big players” and opinion makers in this play? –  Individuals & “personalities” on which a lot depends. -The fate of the immediate future of the Ethiopian Nation and State.

BEWARE; without WISDOM and the VISION beyond sectional interests, it is ALL Ethiopians, who will be the losers.

Let us hope that it will be a peaceful game!

Update News:

Reporter Editorial: 04.08.2012


መንግሥት ግጭቶችንና አለመግባባቶችን ለመፍታት ባህላዊ የሽምግልና ዘዴዎችን ይጠቀም…

01 August, 2012

ኢሕአዴግ ሕገመንግሥቱን አይተገብርም ሲሉ ልደቱ አያሌው ተቹ




VOA Interview with ENTC Executive/Dr. Fisseha/DC + Ato Shiferaw/London


SMNE asks Secretary Clinton not to strike secret deal with TPLF


WSLF – EM / Regime approach!

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