"Dead Ends" moving their "Heads"

These is really a valuable political “road map”, which would bring the political “Dead Ends” to move their “Heads” into the sphere of sanity and rationality.

The simplest hope one could make would be if only the “Heads” of “The Duet and The Quartet” /EMLO-SBEGO/ could take the initiative of “moving” their heads and minds!

Worth Reading:


By Fekade Shewakena


Excerpt (conclusion):


The Sane thing to do now:

  • The authorities currently in charge of the country should do an overdue thing that Meles himself should have done years ago.  Begin a transparent dialogue with all political opponents in good faith on the future of the country on agreed modalities.
  • The government should initiate a dialogue by starting out with releasing all political prisoners in the country – journalists, opposition politicians and community leaders etc. This should go along with decriminalizing dissent and revoking all this senseless classification of opposition groups as terrorists. There are no terrorists in Ethiopia. The only thing Ethiopians are terrorized by is poverty and their fear of government. Dissidence and demanding freedom is not terrorism.
  • Opposition forces also must understand that they have a lot of housekeeping to do and need to work on cleaning their fragmented house and regroup and present clear and workable choices and ready themselves to solve the country’s impasses through peaceful dialogue.
  • The Ethiopian Diaspora has a huge role but it should understand that its role is supportive and that what it can do from a distance does not replace what the people on the ground in Ethiopia can do. We need to support every bit of move towards democracy by anybody.
  • We all should stop our traditional politics of trying to build a system over the grave of the existing. Ethiopia cannot afford violence but cannot avoid it if the regime cannot come to its senses.

I want to be wrong but I see our country teetering on the precipice.  Every one of us, children of that country, irrespective of our political views, has huge responsibilities to help avoid disasters.   By virtue of the power it holds, the ruling party has much of the responsibility.  Any decision to continue on current trends is assuring a destructive future and the regime will carry all responsibility that comes with it.

Open Ethiopia up for democracy where all of us can be heard and hold a stake.  And finally all of us Ethiopian living inside and outside Ethiopia will roll our sleeves, build the dams and bridges, farm our lands on our own and pour whatever resources we have to drag our country out of poverty..




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