The Most Expensive WORKAHOLICS Therapy

To Imagine how expensive this THERAPY is for ETHIOPIA, according to “official statements” of the regime – the Therapy for a 35 years of WORKAHOLICS of the Missing PM  (two months gone)!

This may be the most expensive Therapy in the globe caused by an Individual!

Read the fine line from Addis Fortune ( Not to say a word what comes from the oopposing counterpart, -The Opposition:

“With the Prime Minister in bed and recovering from his medical treatment (or resting from exhaustion, as the official version would have it) many things are piling up and waiting for his attention, claims gossip. Upon his return to the office, which no one appears to be in authority to predict how soon or long, one of the things he will be required to decide on would be whether or not to allow a newly proposed financing scheme, gossip disclosed.

Indeed, many in the bureaucracy and the investment circle would hear in the months to come a lot more on “bridge financing” than any time before,…”  Read more:

Published On  August 12,  2012



See related articles indicating how Ethiopia is paying for a presumed “Therapy” or a “Morgue” (God forgive!) :

Meles’ health, political uncertainty affects Ethiopian economy

/De Birhan/


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