Not even a single FREE MIND; in times of their mournig ….

Temesgen Desalegn arrested; court denies bail

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Even in the face of Death (The PM’s), not the slightest sense of clemency!
Not even a single FREE MIND like what Temesgen is, tolerated, not to mention hundreds of his friends (Eskinder Nega, Andualem etc. +++++) behind bars!
What is that! A primordial sickness of the mind?! Do all the top Echelons of the Ethiopian administration today need A THERAPY! Or the same old story of blind inhuman political-power calculations, like what the “civilized” west is demonstrating these days by simply praising the “Disastrous” outcome of a 40 years cultural and spiritual deconstruction of the Ethiopian Nation, ( just to call the spade a spade) under the continuous leadership of the US, -from EPLF via TPLF until EPRDF’s patrimonial Ethnic Authoritarian System, promoted nowadays by the UK under-cover!


And if one “KIM IL SUNG” of the same Genre dies yesterday or Mugabe tomorrow, the main stream press of the whole globe rejoices, mocks and enjoys the caricatured mourning under state command!

At last nonetheless!

Since we have neither “Leaders” nor POPES in Ethiopia, as a christian, I would personally say, May God save ALL, not only the DEAD! – But specially – Including the “Living”!

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