The Idea



The Idea ie. The Word of HARMONY (H)


The Godly Sphere

In your material plane

You belong to mankind

You belong to nature

You belong to the universe

That makes up

The mass of your Mind (m)


In your spiritual plane

You have your faith

You have your religion

You have your conscience

That makes up

The spiritual light of your mind (c)

The cumulated integration of your material and spiritual planes makes up the

Energy of your mind (E)


The Human Sphere

In your social plane

You live in a state

You live in a community

You live in a family

That makes up the humanity of your mind (h)


In your cultural plane

You have your rule of law

You have your community ethics

You have your family love

That makes up the aesthetic quality of your mind (q)

The cumulated integration of your social and cultural planes makes up the

Intelligence of your Mind (I)


The Energy (E) & Intelligence (I) of your mind in your godly & human spheres make up the resonance of your being, which is the Idea, ie.

The word of the Harmony

H == {E =mc2   ++ I=hq2}





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