” The standard position of mainstream empirical science is to exclude the infinite and its inverse, nothing (zero), which is the infinite according to division. Nature or the physical body is simple and finite and nothing finite is infinite! There is no infinite body, no Infinite One!


This Aristotelian finite-analytic worldview is incapable of understanding the physical world’s indeterminate and complex nature and generates in science infinitely regressing absurdities. Given the crisis in the finite-analytic foundation of empirical science, the new trend is to return to the first thinkers of Greece (the school of Ionia), India (the Upanishads) and China (the school of Tao), who laid down simultaneously and independently the first spiritual foundations of humanity. These three regions formed at the dawn of philosophy (sixth to fifth century BCE) the axis of the apeiron, or Infinite One. According totheir first intuitions about the physical world, which were the most powerful and true, the Infinite One is the principle and substance, the source and destination of the physical universe. As a complex principle, the Infinite One ensures the unity of the physical whole’s opposite poles, the finite and the infinite, as well as the permanence of its life and motion. As a complex substance of all things, the Infinite One allows us to affirm without absurdity that (a) everything finite is infinite, (b) that all finite quantities have infinite magnitudes, (c) that a finite spherical body of radius 1 is simultaneously infinite (according to extension and division). 

Finally, we call, infinite-synthetic paradigm the emerging non-Aristotelian model of the physical universe according to which everything is complex, verifies synthetic principles of existence, and is both finite and infinite. Because the infinite-synthetic paradigm abolishes one-way time and its analytic hierarchy generating unsolvable conflicts, it is regarded as the natural response to society’s contradictions and evils.”



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