The deconstruction continues by scratching at Ethiopian monumental personalities, who were even icons for the whole of Africa in their resistance against racism and colonialism:

Abune Petros, Alula Aba Nega & Emperer Menilik are the victims at the moment.

Under a pretext of promoting the so-called “transformation project” the historical monuments of Abune Petros and eventually perhaps that of Aste Menilik are going to be removed from their century old sites.

Alas! Another testimony of the ulterior purpose of deconstructing history is the case of Ras Alula Aba Nega!  How on earth would the renaming of Alula Abanega School into Melese Zenawi school help the “transformation project”! They all belong to the strategic scheme of deconstructing ethiopia!

አያ ጅቦ ሳታመሃኝ ብላኝ!

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