The New Young Heroes

Q: Ethiopia was one of the only African countries to successfully fight off colonialists, which was one of the reasons why the company is called soleRebels. What made you decide to pay homage to the proud history of Ethiopia remaining independent?

A: Rather than looking at Ethiopia’s pedigree and heritage of independence as something that is backward looking, I chose my “homage” to Ethiopian independence to be something forward looking and active as it’s related to soleRebels. I believe that for Ethiopia to properly create prosperity — and for Africa as a whole — we must be at the forefront of, and in full control of the commercialization of our culture, realizing all the gains from the same. soleRebels is at the forefront of an unstoppable movement that proves the creative agency and business acumen of the people of Africa. Our desire to control the fruits of our land and labor and the processing of these will never be squelched. We will never let any usurpation of those resources and our rights to them happen again.

Q: soleRebels pays wages on average over 233% higher than industry standards and four to five times the legal minimum wage with opportunities to earn more. Why do you think more companies are hesitant about offering such wages?

A: I am proud that soleRebels has been at the forefront of creating the change that is showing that Ethiopia and Africa can create, deliver and grow world-class products and brands that can compete globally and win! We have stores opening around the planet – from Taiwan to Switzerland. We are opening these in conjunction with partners — experienced business folks who have staked their money on our ideas. Now that’s change and that’s the forefront of the possibilities that face Ethiopia, not simply selling a product or some raw materials but rather getting people around the world to buy into our ideas and support, promote and grow those ideas.

Q: Your company offers some fantastic employee benefits, like 100 percent medical coverage and bringing doctors for on-site medical checks, an artisans’ education fund (for the education of artisans’ children) and transportation for workers with disabilities. How did you come up with these ideas that are rarely offered in most companies around the world?

A: It’s rooted in a few things but mostly it’s just great business to treat people as I would want to be treated. That includes employees, partners, and customers. Once you apply that ethos, it’s pretty easy to always find yourself doing the right thing.

These are the new heroes we have to hail!Or such artists like


Not Melese & co. who are  corrupt & keen at deconstruction at all levels:

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