The END of TIME ? Halle ! Hello !

TODAY is 21.12.2012

with loving greetings to the MAYAs…

21.12.2012  was thought to be the beginning of the NEW or the End of TIME,  according to the Maya cosmologists.
But, YES, we still are living; The end does not apparently come, though the crisis all over the globe tries to make us believe it – THE END- The “Scenario” of the END.  However, if that is the case i.e. NOT THE END, we can as well take it to make an end of our Old Being to BECOME NEW!

“The most important and paradoxical consequences of the holistic view, including an approach to solving the riddle of human personality, are as follows: 1) the explanation why and under what conditions a part (a human) can be more complex than a whole (society); 2) in order to reconstruct society it is necessary to change an individual but not by cutting off the supposed undesirable past, since a human being as a microcosm is the synthesis of all previous stages of evolution, and as a result of repression of, it would seem, the wild past one can extinguish a “divine spark” in his soul; 3) in the physical sense, singularity denotes a moment of instability, phase transition; one can talk about the human singularity of co-evolutionary processes, since in such a moment of instability individual actions of a human can play a key role in determining a channel of further development as well as in appearance of a new pattern of collective behavior in society; 4) as the models of nonlinear dynamics, elaborated at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, show, there is a possibility of a direct influence of the future and even a touch of an infinitely remote future in certain evolutionary regimes and under rigorously definite conditions, more over, it turns out that such a possibility exists only for a human (admittedly, through a specific state of being inherent to him—the sleep without dreams) but not for the human society.”

I.e. The Human is and has to be more than its social community; the human is a singularity with the strangest attractor of meaning; its community is an assemblage, a multiplicity with diverse strange attractors of  their own meanings !

THUS, 21st century science is at this sublime stage – not just the historical materialism as postulated two centuries past by a pair of guys living in Europe, who happened to understand how capital revolves in its early age, whereby the big point ist to know how the human evolves from the beginning of Time upto the end of  at least its “Dasein” of its particular singularity – The Human –  TODAY!- ; at least for those who are not dogmatic and ready  or resilient enough to grasp it!


what The Harmony Model  promotes is only, an elegant & a simple way of expressing this hard fact!

በተረፈ ፥

የሆነ  ቦታ፣ ተስፋ የማይቆርጥ የክርስቲያን መንደር ያገኝሁትን ተረት እየተረትኩ እሰነብታለሁ፥

ይህም ላልሆነለት፣
ይለገሰው ተረት፤
ኧረ እስክመቼ ! እያለ ይሰንብት
ጨውም ጨው ካልሆነ፣ ከድንጋይ አይለዩት!
አልማዝ እንኳን አሉ ፣ ቢወረወር በረት፣
ማን አይቶት ፣ማን አውቆት
ማንስ ሊጓጓለት!

ከልብ ካዘኑማ መች ይገዳል እምባው፣
ማሰብ ለጀመረ ህይወትም ቀላል ነው፤
በጣት ይቆጠራል ሃይለኛ  ሚያደርገው፣   
ነጻነት አውጆ ፣ ህዝብን የሚያነግሠው፤
አስራ፥ሁለቱ ቤት፣ጋብዞ የሚያኖረው።

በዚሁ፣ በሚመጡት በዓላት መንፈስ እሰናበታለሁ።

መልካም በዓል


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