….born socialist ( cont.) (i.e. with empathy) !?

“Like the Yin & Yang”,  Oxytocin may be the counter-effecting molecule of Testosterone, the molecule which deprives our mind and body, the sufficient empathy we need  to be capable of living together in a social community.

Paul Zak: Trust, morality – and oxytocin

According to the experts actual findings, the interplay ( among many other biological-genetic factors, which are still in their research birthmarks) between Testosterone and Oxytocin seem to explain the biological backdrop of “Ethno-centrism” too (not to mention other narrow somatic markers).  As the following article presumes, however the level of  information and knowledge the individual encounters is what contains and rationalizes the “biological limitations”!

“The brain weighs emotional attitudes like those prompted by oxytocin against information available to the conscious mind. If there is no cognitive information in a situation in which a decision has to be made, like whether to trust a stranger about whom nothing is known, the brain will go with the emotional advice from its oxytocin system, but otherwise rational data will be weighed against the influence from oxytocin and may well override it, Dr. Averbeck said.”


This may explain why journalists are becoming the leading targets of ethnic-dictatorial systems, like Ethiopia today!

Imprisoned Ethiopian Journalist Is Honored with PEN Award


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