born socialist !? ( i.e. with empathy)

There seems to be the magic hormone called TESTOSTERONE, which either influences you to be born with emapthy or not, female or male, social inclined or tainted with alienation etc.

Following is an interesting research which goes down-to-earth biology without being biased for neither side, to find out what is at stake at our innate human behaviour. Though there is always the 50 % part of the whole story which would at any rate change in due course of our experience and social learning:

….”We were talking earlier about the twins, how much can innate factors explain about human behavior. I keep in mind, as a rule of thumb, about 50 percent. The other 50 percent is about experience, is about upbringing, and these factors interact: genes, hormones and our experience all interact, and when we try to be reductionist, or try to be too simplistic, to emphasize the role of one of these factors, actually we’re missing the complexity of how they interact.”


Worth reading; an interesting research stuff on EDGE:


This is a hormone that has fascinated me. It’s a small molecule that seems to be doing remarkable things. The variation we see in this hormone comes from a number of different sources. One of those sources is genes; many different genes can influence how much testosterone each of us produces, and I just wanted to share with you my fascination with this hormone, because it’s helping us take the science of sex differences one step further, to try to understand not whether there are sex differences, but what are the roots of those sex differences? Where are they springing from? And along the way we’re also hoping that this is going to teach us something about those neuro-developmental conditions like autism, like delayed language development, which seem to disproportionately affect boys more than girls, and potentially help us understand the causes of those conditions.” (

magic-male-or-femal-Testosterone.pdf Download this file

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