CHANGE Your Mind again & again (cont.)

What a wonderful plädoyer so that YOU might “CHANGE YOUR MIND”. Not from me but from the expert on the theme, who walks with all his mind on all walks of knowledge and data in his book, I recently encounterd: ( You see; the message “From the Laicus to the Expert” hasn’t gone wild; it has reached “the latter”) :


by Iain McGilchrist

Whether WE ( the protest generation of the 60s)  like it or not, it seems that during our young years we have just been walking with our “left brain”  on “half of our minds”. However unfortunate it may be, there are still today, a lot who insist to do the same stuff  all along their lives; may be until  just before the last quantum of light they might experience;  on the death bench!

I am fascinated by all the coverage this book has enjoyed during the last years and am getting hold of it to be “smarter”. Actually it is also a theme of mine which has been bothering me all the years back, let me say during my “guzo fitat”; until I came on my notion of “The Harmony Model”!

“The Harmony Model” also consisting of the two hemispheres, the Goldly and the Human! This may be just another way of looking at the “Divided Brain”!
Just to sense his point you may like for the start to throw a glance on,
An interview with IAIN MCGILCHRIST

And if you like MORE:



By the way, the origin of GEEZ, must have been the whole Brain – a beautiful mind. See just for a quick reference the system of the Geez alphabet in its correlation to aspects of astrography, ie. the calender and some mathematics lying behind it.

GEEZ, which is sneered by a lot of “modernist” Ethiopian intellectuals is at the moment being thrown into pieces out of incompehensive and dubious reasons by the Ethiopian regime today, may be by the arrogance of the left brain.

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