Cosmic Consciousness

Papers and Books recommended on the Journal of Cosmology:

Does the Universe have Cosmological Memory?
Does This Imply Cosmic Consciousness?

Walter J. Christensen Jr.
Physics Department, Cal Poly Pomona University, 3801 W. Temple Ave, Pomona CA 91768


Does the universe have cosmological memory? If so, does this imply cosmic consciousness? In this paper a cosmological model is proposed similar in structure to the famous thought experiment presented by James Clerk Maxwell, in which a “demon” tries to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In such a proposed cosmological scenario, if the Second Law of Thermodynamics is to be preserved, it implies the existence of cosmological memory. Since consciousness and memory are intimately linked and a demon-like (intelligent) creature permits only fast moving particles to pass through a cosmic gate, it is argued the universe is necessarily conscious.

KEY WORDS: Consciousness, Cosmology, Quantum Physics, Cosmic Memory

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