1.  Addis Ababa University- appeals to promote “Ethiopian Literature & Folklore” Studies.

aau_appeals.pdf Download this file

2. The EU as a Peace Building System:  Deconstructing Nationalism in an Era of Globalization

EU_as_Peace_System_IJPS.pdf Download this file

“Wills”  & Wheels of deconstruction
(1 for completely different purposes and objectives! Two papers for reflections (on the Edge and the danger)! WHAT A CONTRAST!
The Third paper

3. “The End of Citizenship? The Nation State, Threats to its Legitimacy, and Citizenship.
Education in the Twenty-first Century”

End_of_Citizenship.pdf Download this file

is interesting in so far as it indicates the “mischief” and the Policy-“Blue-prints” of global forces working at the deconstruction of traditionally and culturally “developing” nation-states (with diverse ethnic backgrounds like Ethiopia). The crucial inquiry along this line is to whose detriment does this scheme run and who would draw the initial benefits out of the envisaged “change” and “social turmoil” towards a full-fledged deconstruction of the Ethiopian “Nation-State”!
Looking attentively to what is politically taking place in “Ethiopia Today”, since half a century, it seems  that “WE” are condemned to be placed on the experimental “dissection table” of the “big” global players  (be it regional players like Saudi Arabian or the bigger super-entities like USA, EU or China etc. with their oligarchy of corporations).


1) In Ethiopia Today, there seems to be deconstruction at all levels –

– religious (see the conflict within the Christian community; i.e. Orthodox vs “Pentecost’s” and more. See the conflict within the Muslim community, old Ethiopian Sunnites vs “the new” Ahbash followers);

– cultural (instigating ethnic conflicts and the quasi ethnic-cleansing began in the south; dismantling of cultural heritages, icons and personalities);

– political ( the one party system, the “terrorism” decree and the removal of the democratic space and alas! the new education policy as depicted for the AAU);

– social (regional agression policy/ or no war no peace strategy/ the policy of resettlement and displacement, promotion of behavorial and social decadency to demolarize personalities and communities including devaluating traditional and cultural values upto dismantling traditional welfare circles like “idir”, “mahiber” etc.);

– economic (the land grab phenomenon, the foreign investment policy (the envisaged whole-sale of big national enterprise-properties including the old Commercial Bank and the Ethiopian Airlines, Telecom and the shipping lines etc.), the illicit capital flight and the reintroduction of a tenure system for urban dwellers );

which may all ensue a serious crisis if not a human disaster, not to be contained easily. Or is that the agency-willed big objective in reality to open up the extensive domination of the “fate-illed” parcel and parts of the once -up-on-a time Ethiopia!

In spite all good will,  I really miss,
if at all, the “well meant” rationale behind all these! Or is Ethiopia being dealt with, in disguise, by a “foreign invader” of a new type – !

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