"God’s Particle"- Higgs-Boson

The Standard Model is the simplest set of ingredients – elementary particles – needed to make up the world we see in the heavens and in the laboratory

Quarks combine together to make, for example, the proton and neutron – which make up the nuclei of atoms today – though more exotic combinations were around in the Universe’s early days

Leptons come in charged and uncharged versions; electrons – the most familiar charged lepton – together with quarks make up all the matter we can see; the uncharged leptons are neutrinos, which rarely interact with matter

The “force carriers” are particles whose movements are observed as familiar forces such as those behind electricity and light (electromagnetism) and radioactive decay (the weak nuclear force)

The Higgs boson came about because although the Standard Model holds together neatly, nothing requires the particles to have mass; for a fuller theory, the Higgs – or something else – must fill in that gap (Paul.Rincon-INTERNET@bbc.co.uk)

FOUR fundamental Forces and TWELVE Elementary particles



In my “language” or the language of “complexity Theory”/ System Theory, this could be taken as the strangest of the “Strange-Attractors-of-Meanings” (cf. Vladimir Dimitrov, UWS) for the material plane; ie. the field which grants “mass”/m the property of becoming mass; the mass of the most elementary particles of matter.
It is said that this is just the beginning of the series of discoveries, which could come sooner or later all along the line. I.e. More attractors of meaning coming along….but still there are some other attractors of meanings in  “The Harmony Model”; other than in “The Particle Model”


See: The Synthesis & The Harmony Model



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