Quantum Social Science – explained

The best simplified explanation I encountered on the topic of  our “HUMAN CONDITION” – at the quantum level:

“This also suggests a quantum model of man, which locates consciousness in the collapse of our wave functions which occurs through interaction with our environment. Our unconsciousness, then, consists of our wave functions, as the multitude of possible forms which our consciousness can take through interaction. So, if the form we take is only determined in interaction and wave function collapse, then our knowledge of ourself (experience and memory, the stuff of consciousness) cannot be understood by oneself independently of interaction with one’s environment. ”In other words, the desires and beliefs which the rationalist model of man sees as causing behavior actually do not exist until behavior takes place – before that point the Self is a superposition of multiple and mutually incompatible desires and beliefs. This conception of human behavior also provides an explanation of free will, as it accepts the indeterminancy of social action and lets human agency make the choices.”


What_if_quantum_physics_could_be_used_for_social_science.pdf Download this file

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