Side "The Source"

Interpreting the Harmony Model: 

The Word, the Idea, 

 I.e. the Source provides Peace and Perfection  in abundance, since it is necessarily full of them in That Beyond, the Inconceivable  and the Infallible Beyond. These are however objectives to be cultivated and attained through Science and History; for the Human Agency with its higher Destiny to touch the Source. The Human joins the symphony of the four with Culture and Faith as the objectives at hand and at home to be perfected in due course of Space and developing Culture

Peace is circumscribed by the state, community and family as the final structural state of affairs for the human. The interaction of the state, community and family is the march of history which brings about peace in the heavenly structure.  – Heaven, the first variable of the center, the nucleus of creativity, stretching through strings of spiritual deliverance, the mirror of human hope. Heaven is an abstraction of a human peaceful social space, where knowledge and insight, wisdom and freedom prevail. -A sublime free social space of spiritual nature.

The Perfection  of creativity, which ends up in Wealth, is how the source manifests itself in the human.  Through the process of science; mankind, nature and the universe become objects of investigation to come to the final center of knowledge. – Knowledge, the second variable of the nucleus of creativity. 

Culture is the fundament of peaceful intercommunication of the human by means of rules and laws of the state, ethics of the community and love pertaining to the family.  Through the development of human culture, freedom, the third variable of the center would be achieved.

Faith is the initiator of creativity, in tandem with the wealth of perfection. Faith, religion and conscience interact in a heavenly space to determine the objective of faith for the human, which makes wisdom, the fourth variable of the nucleus, the center of creativity.

The Human with hope as the principle of life, the fifth variable of the center, has a destiny envisaged by the source, the origin of life.

There is nothing in life which cannot be subsumed in the Harmony Model. In short:


I.         Peace as the edge to be achieved, or Heaven to be envisaged at the Center; the state, community and family make the structural being of the social plane.

II.       Culture as the edge to be cultivated and developed, or Freedom to be achieved at the Center; rule of laws, ethics and love define the subjective aspects of the cultural plane. -The social and the cultural planes providing intelligence as the primary Axis and attractor of meaning to the human hemisphere.     

III.           Wealth, the Perfection of creativity as the edge to be achieved, or Knowledge to be perfected at the Center; the universe, nature and mankind make the fundamental substance of the material plane. 

IV.            Faith  as the edge of the human objective or Wisdom to be contemplatively achieved at the Center; faith, religion and conscience of the human circumscribe the conscious magnitude of the spiritual plane. -The material and the spiritual planes encorporate energy as the fundamental attractor of meaning and the primary axis of the godly hemisphere.  

 V.      The fifth, the transcendental plane of the human working on its Destiny with Hope (LIGHT) as the principle of life, to touch the source synthetically interacts at all levels with all the four planes.  – The human in the social, the material, the cultural and the spiritual planes.

VI.    The sixth, the transcendental plane of the absolute, GOD, the Source with the ultimate principle of Deliverance to save the human, interacts at all levels with all the five planes through the agency of the human plane. – The absolute plane under mutational interrelation with the human plane.




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