"Tikur Sew" – NOT Menilik

“Phenomenon Teddy Afro” 


A comment given on the above  “De Birhan” ‘s article

Atse Menilik II: too big for “Marketing” Purpose! (1

Hi! First of all your analysis is ok.

I am only not pleased over the idea of making Teddy a big “thinker” and “philosopher”- Unless you know him closely and personally to come to this perception. As a public figure, as one would expect however, I have never come across his “bigger” ideas and reflections!  – Except his songs and some of his lyrics. (Even not knowing if he is the source); therefore, for me it is enough that he is a big creative singer and perhaps a song writer of the new young generation!  I like his musical works and he is the only one and original creative singer after the great Tilahun!

But all this said, I am also not that much happy on his “Tikur-Sew”.

Out of the following reasons:

First of all:

– What made the release of this album so necessary at this time of conditions (misery and conflicts (ethnic or religious) coming to some sort of climax at home) – is it only empathy and change of mind?

– Given all his rights not to do this; what was the reason that Teddy didn’t commit himself (the few years and all these months before) in favor of “The Freedom and the Opposition Movement “after he has been released from prison (like for instance Birtukan did). He had ample opportunities and time for reflection. As far as his fans are concerned, given his popularity, a small sign of protest on one of his concerts thereafter, would have rallied the big wave (Tamagn is for instance a great example!) eventually scaring the deaf-and-dumb regime at home!

To make it short; I could not resist the temptation to pose the question: YES! At this time of “The DAY”, has “marketing” played in this release a significant role or has he been a victim of his “global marketing managers”.

And I would at last but not least say that:

Menilik II, not only an Ethiopian, is too big an African and a Black Sublime Leader not to be a “Song-Mate” of the global music-market. This would be playing down – not to say undermining – the esteem of the High History-Event of the “Black Man”!

I hope I am wrong in this opinion! If that is the case I would challenge Teddy to allocate a big share of his trophy in favour of the ” Ethiopian Freedom Movement” against the comprehensive deconstruction of all what is Ethiopian (religion, social, economic, culture) being undertaken at all levels by Melesse’s Autocracy!

In other words, to be concrete: If Marketing plays a non-significant role in this “Project of Tikur-Sew” I would for instance suggest, that  Teddy show his authenticity by supporting the new impressive and authentic All-Ethiopian National  Movement initiated by the “Transitional Council”/ENTC of Dr. Fessha Eshetu ! If it happens that Teddy, for some obvious reasons, which frustrated a big section of Ethiopians, has his reservations towards other sectors of the opposition with all sorts of legacy problems, ENTC,  I am sure is a promising movement which would, I presume appeal to him!



(1) I am not a historian but the following polite critic even shows that “the group” of Teddy has not even researched well enough to make the facts sound and correct!


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