CHANGE II (cont.)

Valuable Notes on “CHANGE”; recompiled from earlier Blog-Posts:

A second before looking at these notes, enjoy this phenomenon (clip);



to find out that, We are so tiny and stupid not capable of living at peace and in peace in this World of ours
– The Gift … –


NOTES valuable for the new juncture of political developments in Ethiopia…


MIND – Human Agency, Structure and CULTURE

“I feel, therefore  I AM”, SPINOZA / ANTONIO R. DAMASIO
 & “I think, therefore I AM” , Rene Descartes
The Interaction of MIND – Human Agency, Structure and CULTURE
Ethiopia is a collective with a diversity of cultures, and no doubt given all the common interaction of history, let alone the struggle for survival and development, but also the fact of our geopolitical proximity, has given us a similar collective mind-set. However, we still do have all somehow differing individual collective mind-sets, depending on the different cultural backdrops (including multifaceted experience, good or bad; presumably with their somatic-markers” influencing our decision-making process) of our origin.
All the legacy political discourse concerning nationalities and ethnicities are all still actual in our reflection- and memory–set of our generation. -Mind and memory-sets, which have differing impacts in the experience of a common social evolution and cultural development to elevate our overall Ethiopian-national consciousness, unless channeled by a conscious will of universal mind-set based on a modern rationality and human reason. To make an end to autocracy, like what we are enthusiastically witnessing in North Africa and the Middle-East/+Arabian Peninsula, the perception or/and  the coordination of the struggle for Freedom and Dignity in Ethiopia with a diversity of cultural background, demands not only a nation-wide common collective good will but a well-informed mind in social-sciences as well as other periphery-cultural disciplines, like neuroscience. This will certainly help in understanding and containing our basic instincts and feelings in the process of policy design and all encompassing national political activities. – For it is ridiculous to deny that every one of us is not only a social “creature”, possibly conscious but also unconscious with feelings, emotions, affect etc. with an evolving long history of “embodied subjectivity”.
Without losing sight of  (in previous posts), what “neuro-politics” has to say on the theme of Mirror-Neuron System in the realm of human communication and social interaction,  for  the formation of higher consciousness, the role of structure, culture and nurture has of course still to be highlighted.
Nonetheless, in this context,
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The DEAD ENDS – The Dead Heads

Challenge Your Head

And the DEAD ENDS,
Are your heads.
Africa, has a LOT,
Of your sort and your lots.
It is You, the DEAD ENDS,

Africa needs, not a shift
In Para-DIGM,
Is a shift and shuffle of your kinds,
That it lacks.
For its peace, for its fate,
Rich in bread.
Healthy child, best mind…

Call it, if you like, Demo-Cracy,

But Attention! Demagogy,

“Z” and “c”, Philology.

At times and History,

Demo-craCy goes craZy…

At such moments,
Stop TIME,

Go and Go ahead,
To the SOURCE….the best breed.
Change your mind
Challenge your head.
Don’t hesitate,
Break your head,
Break your heart
You would have IT,

universal, AFRICAN BEAT.




A Rationale and Guide for Nonviolence

This Post is recompiled (from Monday, 18 January 2010)


A Rationale and Guide for Nonviolence


“…. life, from its beginning more than three billion years ago, did not take over the planet by combat but by networking.”….Fritjof Capra /


Revolutions and wars are exceptions to the rule, coup d’etats are perversions of the rule….And the rule seems to be evolution embedded in creativity/emergence, whose existence becomes apparent in due time and space to initiate a fundamental change….. That is, I presume, the Kernel of human experience in history

Nonetheless, it has to be noted here that Year 2011 has given us the opportunity to witness that there are good and bad exceptions.  EGYPT and the nonviolent youth movement for FREEDOM all over the Arab World and North Africa are testimonies of these good and beautiful phenomena liberating the MIND of every soul! (16.03.2011).



What is the inter-relation between social structure and collective consciousness ?

What is the role of structure and collective consciousness in our future human development…?



Following is an aspect which I think is very relevant in our context and helpful for our community’s political dead-lock:

Chapter Twenty-Two

A rationale and guide for nonviolence
as a basis for conscious evolutionary activism.


Hier reproduced in summary in accordance with the permission of the author:



In any situation or system, seek ways

to replace force with consciousness.

Force, in this context, refers to the use of coercion or

overwhelming strength or power to dominate, control, or otherwise

get one’s way, often against resistance. The power used

can be physical, economic, social, intellectual, emotional, military,

psychological, technological, etc. The more force used,

the less we take into account the nature or needs of the Other.

The more we take the Other into account, the less force and

resources we need to accomplish mutual ends.

Consciousness, the capacity to be aware, in this context,

includes all the interior dimensions and capacities of life that

can—among other things—help us deal successfully with

our changing world by sensing, understanding and creatively,

collaboratively relating to the conditions in us and the entities,

interactions, and contexts around us.


This evolutionary moment challenges us to bring the power

of consciousness to bear on the process of self-reflective evolution

itself to replace the creative violence of supernovas, lifeand-

death struggles, and wars with highly aware intelligence,

wisdom, and care.


So as evolutionary activists, we seek to replace force everywhere,


in every entity (every individual, group and


in every interaction (every conversation, exchange,

conflict, and engagement with nature);

in every context (every situation, culture, gathering,

community and urban design); and

in every form of consciousness (in all sensing,

learning, visioning, morality, and all other forms

of thinking, feeling and experience).


Our consciousness then evolves

towards true collaboration, where we—

you and I, us and our adversaries,

humankind and nature—help each

other get what we each need and want—in cooperatives,

family conversations, in deliberative democracy, in Nonviolent

Communication, in permaculture.


This shift from force to consciousness is the fulcrum of human evolution at this critical time—at individual, collective, and systemic scales.

As we reach our planetary limits, the downsides of force,

violence, and control become increasingly obvious. Our

technological and social capacities to generate harm through

our efforts to force, impact, and control people and life—no

matter how well intended—threaten our extinction.

The more fully we understand, the less force or energy

we need or want to use. The less energy we use to serve any

given need, the more efficient and elegant our systems and

behaviors become, making them favored by natural selection

and the general directionality of evolution.


Guidance concerning evolutionary means:



A addresses the role of conversation.

B talks about creative use of diversity.

C explores how to handle dissonance.

• D discusses deep, inclusive simplicity.


Guidance concerning realms of evolutionary action:


• 1 deals with the health of the systems themselves.

• 2 deals with contexts and systemic awareness of them.

• 3 deals with the systemic capacity to effectively respond

to complex, changing circumstances.

1. Cultivate healthy self-organization.


• Cultivate healthy behavior

• Cultivate healthy power

• Cultivate healthy flow


2. Cultivate healthy systemic contexts.


• Healthy social context.

• Healthy contexts that govern meaning

• Healthy physical contexts

• Healthy natural contexts


3. Cultivate healthy systemic responsiveness and collective



• Cultivate collective intelligence, learning, and

memory –

• Cultivate collective self-awareness, integrity,

and humility –

• Cultivate the collective capacity to generate and

pursue shared intentions –

• Cultivate systems that embody collective compassion

and mutuality –

• Cultivate the collective ability to make wise,

creative decisions –

• Cultivate collective co-creativity and evolutionary

sensibilities –



This is a section/chapter from Tom Atlee’s ” book :

“Reflections on Evolutionary Activism”…. 

(Tom Atlee & friends : ….These are….interesting intellectual and activist circles of our generation…with a lot of new insights and ideas)

More: See if you like:

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