In Ethiopia Today, there seems to be deconstruction at all levels –

religious (see the conflict within the Christian community; i.e. Orthodox vs “Pentecost’s” and more. See the conflict within the Muslim community, old Ethiopian Sunnites vs “the new” Ahbash followers);

cultural (instigating ethnic conflicts and the quasi ethnic-cleansing began in the south; dismantling of cultural heritages, icons and personalities);

political ( the one party system, the “terrorism” decree and the removal of the democratic space and alas! the new education policy as depicted for the AAU);

social (regional agression policy/ or no war no peace strategy/ the policy of resettlement and displacement, promotion of behavorial and social decadency to demolarize personalities and communities including devaluating traditional and cultural values upto dismantling traditional welfare circles like “idir”, “mahiber” etc.);

economic (the land grab phenomenon, the foreign investment policy (the envisaged whole-sale of big national enterprise-properties including the old Commercial Bank and the Ethiopian Airlines, Telecom and the shipping lines etc.), the illicit capital flight and the reintroduction of a tenure system for urban dwellers );

which may all ensue a serious crisis if not a human disaster, not to be contained easily. Or is that the agency-willed big objective in reality to open up the extensive domination of the “fate-illed” parcel and parts of the once -up-on-a time Ethiopia!

is Ethiopia being dealt with in disguise, by a “foreign invader” of a new type – !?


The deconstruction continues by scratching at Ethiopian monumental personalities, who were even icons for the whole of Africa in their resistance against racism and colonialism:

Abune Petros, Alula Aba Nega & Emperer Menilik are the victims at the moment.

Under a pretext of promoting the so-called “growth & transformation plan” the historical monuments of Abune Petros and eventually perhaps that of Aste Menilik are going to be removed from their century old sites.

Alas! Another clear testimony of the ulterior purpose of deconstructing history is the case of Ras Alula Aba Nega! 

The New York Times Archives on Ras Alula:

How on earth would the renaming of Alula Aba Nega School into Melese Zenawi school help the “transformation project”!

There is “even” a movement of discrediting the history of Aste Yohannes, to which the regime has renderd a partial allegiance so far!

And moreover the fact that HSI was denied a due honor for his role in the African Union and Kwami Nkruma alone was honored by his statue at the new African Union Building in Addis belongs to the same catagory of cultural deconstruction.

Apparently, they all belong to the strategic scheme of deconstructing Ethiopia! …Perhaps a long-drawn-out scheme of “The West” & “The Arab Peninsula” to get to all the forms of resources (human & material) the region provides! One can discern a red tape running for several decades along all policy and global decisions pertaining to the Horn of Africa.

አያ ጅቦ ሳታመሃኝ ብላኝ!

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