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Once again on the boring Topic… from and on the Dead Ends!

An analysis from an Expert in the matter of fact: “fuzzy expressions”

Shift and Puzzle
Source: Ethiomedia

By Waltenegus Dargie | August 14, 2012

Oh! What a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive
— Marmion. Sir Walter Scott

C.S. Lewis’s last book of the Chronicles of Narnia, …..

“……One morning early in the year the pair of them were out walking along the shore of the dangerous waterfall when the Ape observed a lion’s skin floating on the churning waters. With an adventure that nearly cost his life, Puzzle fetched the skin and gave it to the Ape…..

“An African Union official said Mr Meles had been in regular contact with Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s former president and AU envoy to Sudan, during recent negotiations between Sudan and South Sudan. He has told AU officials he will be back next month to play a more hands-on role in the next leg of negotiations.”(Finacial times as quoted in ibid, EM)

The first fuzzy expression in the article is “An African Official”….

…….The second fuzzy expression is the word “recent”….

…….The third fuzzy expression is the term “he has told…

….Think of what the paragraph implies.  

The entire nation is under an agony of suspense because of the disappearance of the most important person in the country, and yet, this same person is enjoying secrete political dialogues quite unmindful of the agony of the nation he is leading! What a diabolical cunning.

In The Last Battle, the Narnians finally come to their sense (after much destruction) and start to question the authenticity of the lion and demand to closely inspect him. The Dead cannot imitate the Living forever. When the Ape realises that he can no longer ignore their request, he disown the donkey and publicly accuses him of misleading the multitude. 

When in the end the truth comes to light, it will be inevitable that those who purposely misinform us will point fingers on each other and accuse and disown each other. But it will be for nothing. “

(My bold and emphasis)

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