Not even a single FREE MIND; even in times of their mournig ….

Temesgen Desalegn arrested; court denies bail


Even in the face of Death (The PM’s), not the slightest sense of clemency!
Not even a single FREE MIND like what Temesgen is, tolerated, not to mention hundreds of his friends (Eskinder Nega, Andualem etc. +++++) behind bars!
What is that! A primordial sickness of the mind?! Do all the top Echelons of the Ethiopian administration today need A THERAPY! Or the same old story of blind inhuman political-power calculations, like what the “civilized” west is demonstrating these days by simply praising the “Disastrous” outcome of a 40 years cultural and spiritual deconstruction of the Ethiopian Nation, ( just to call the spade a spade) under the continuous leadership of the US, -from EPLF via TPLF until EPRDF’s patrimonial Ethnic Authoritarian System, promoted nowadays by the UK under-cover!


And if one “KIM IL SUNG” of the same Genre dies yesterday or Mugabe tomorrow, the main stream press of the whole globe rejoices, mocks and enjoys the caricatured mourning under state command!

At last nonetheless!

Since we have neither “Leaders” nor POPES in Ethiopia, as a christian, I would personally say, May God save ALL, not only the DEAD! The Dead is over ther in that Beyond and God will take care of it, in whatever way is appropriate– But specially – the “Living” needs Help and Attention!!

YES, in whatever way That Beyond may find it appropriate!

But I, specially after reading the following report of horror, the deceased Melese commited against his own “comrades in arms” and his own Tigrayaan compatriots, I am convinced that , “the Living, his living remaining psychopats of the same genre and genes (“warior genes” or whatever) need all the more, the utmost Help, Attention and Therapy /HAT/, before they adminster further disasters to our Ethiopian people from whatever ethnicity, all the more from their own – the Tigriyaan people who could even be the first victims, since they are around their corners, like these guys who perished in the void ahead of all others, way back 20 years ago.

Please read the following report of Horror before going to the coming funeral of the internationaly acclaimed “leader of Africa”! God save – what a tragic era of hypocrisy!

I am sure Stalin or Hitler have turned alive in their graves during those days of horror, smiling at the friends of Melese, in the “civilised world” of democracy!

መለስ ያጠፏቸው የፓርቲው ሰዎች !

I will begin praying for clemency for these living psychpats only after they release all political prisoners without any condition what soever! Before that, all talks of national reconciliation is good but nonesense and meaningless. One can never take it for granted that there is that rational “good will” , which could pave the way towards that end: An ” all inclusive National Convention “!

No wonder that they have cruelly kept their deceased  “beloved leader and hero” in hiding for such a long time – 60 days, until they presumed they could lead their “business” as usual! They know he would exactly have done the same thing, if he were in their place too!

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