Smile or CRY? WHY ?


Once upon a Time


The Winner is ?


WHY The Myth ?


The Science tells?

“Finally, the cathartic nature of crying may also have potential
clinical implications for emotional disorders suggesting a need
to examine cathartic effects in clinical samples. Depression is associated
with more frequent crying, but some research suggests more
severe depression is associated with an inability to cry (e.g., Vingerhoets,
Rottenberg, Cevaal, & Nelson, 2007; Rottenberg, Gross, Wilhelm,
Najmi, & Gotlib, 2002) and less experience of mood improvement
after crying (Rottenberg, Cevaal, & Vingerhoets, 2008). Thus,
future research would be well served by examining the situational
factors that determine catharsis in clinical populations.”

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