The Big Picture IV (Update 28.08.12)

The Big Picture III


Together, the EMLO-SBEGO, the Duet and Quartet solution will be worked out by the “big“international and local political players. Let us hope it will end up at least in an open democratic space so that Ethiopia could at last find its Peace and political stability for a harmonious economic & cultural development, it long deserved in Africa! – The local players thereby not losing sight of the big picture of our Ethiopian national interest. – I.e. The continuity of the Ethiopian Statehood.

Before the solution, the following months will be full of

The Duet and Quartet games”.

Who are the “big players” and opinion makers in this play? –  Individuals & “personalities” on which a lot depends. -The fate of the immediate future of the Ethiopian Nation and State.

BEWARE; without WISDOM and the VISION beyond sectional interests, it is ALL Ethiopians, who will be the losers.

Let us hope that it will be a peaceful game!

Update News:

EMLO-SBEGO (Summary)

EM – Rehearsing post Melese
LO – Rehearsing  a new constitution
S-eye – Still in the Background  (working on ?)
B-irtukan – Still in the backyard ( working on ?)
E – Still challenging EM
GO – The wish to change everything



Facts for Assessment (upto 28.08.12)


ስብሐት ነጋ የቀድሞ የህወሓት አመራር አባላትን እያደራጁ ነው



ሰበር ዜና፡ የፍትሕ ዋና አዘጋጅ ክስ ተቋረጠ


What for Ethiopia “Arab Spring type protest”, reform, coup, revolution, status quo or what???

“Shimagilowch”- Interview

‹‹ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር መለስ ለቅንጅት ሰዎች የተወሰኑ የሚኒስትርነት ቦታዎችን ለመስጠት ቃል ገብተውልን ነበር››

Who is the “may be” PM – Interview


Facts for Assessment (upto 24.08.12)

A roundup reaction on the PM’s Death:


የምናዉቀዉ ህወሀት ዘመን ላይመለስ አክትሟል – በፍስሀ አሸቱ (ዶ/ር)



VOA Interview Birtukam Mideksa



ESAT news on “Shimagilowch” (24.08.2012)

ጋዜጠኞችንና የፖለቲካ እስረኞችን ለማሰፈታት ሸምግልና እየተካሄደ ነው

Oromo Dialogue Forum: A statement on the passing away of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi


“The political crisis in Ethiopia today is not just an ideological one; it is neither a preference between democracy and dictatorship, nor a choice between poverty and development. Ethiopia’s ills run deeper. At its core is the way successive rulers have treated the peoples of Ethiopia as only subjects with obligations to the state, instead of citizens with rights. The problem is rooted in a lack of societal consensus on the character and ownership of the Ethiopian state. The specter of armed struggle, repression, secrecy, and political conflict will not end until, and unless, this lack of legitimacy of state power in Ethiopia is addressed. This entails not only reasonably meeting the aspirations of the oppressed nationalities but also the desire to maintain the country’s unity. And we believe dialogue offers the best route out of the crises. Vengeance invites vengeance, and the cycle will continue without end. To break this vicious cycle of violence that had besieged us for many years, we should start a new era of negotiated settlement and bring about a peaceful resolution to our common problems. There cannot be unilateral solutions, military or civil, to our political problems either by the opposition or the government.”

Oromo Dialogue Forum, August 22, 2012

Media contact: Lencho Lata , Lencho Bati, Dr. Dima Nogo Dr. Bayan Asoba





Interview (24.08.12): Dr. Berhanu Nega on the death of PM Meles and the way forward




Siyee Abraha on the death of Meles Zenawi


Birtukan Interview on the death of Meles Zenawi

Prof. Ephrem Esaac is in Addis escorting M.Z. Remains


Mr. Obang Metho Calls for Calm, Caution and Dialogue

Negash | August 22nd, 2012

ENTC calls for the formation of transitional government

Elias Kifle | August 22nd, 2012






Death of the PM, Melese Zenaw is confirmed:

Walta-Information-Center PC


አቦይ ስብሃት ነጋ ታገዱ (20.08.2012, EMF)


Getachew Assefa, security chief complains on EPRDF


ESAT interview with Sibhat Nega


አስታራቂ ሽማግሌ ያስፈልጋል

Reporter: 5.08.2012

መንግሥት ግጭቶችንና አለመግባባቶችን ለመፍታት ባህላዊ የሽምግልና ዘዴዎችን ይጠቀም…

01 August, 2012


Rehearsing Post-Melese (& different opinions, see the tolerated and posted comments too):

ከመለስ በኋላ ስለማሰብ መለማመድ:

Posted on Tigraionline & Aigaforum; 6.08.2012


Acting PM

Listen to this article. Powered by
By T, Staffer, De Brihan Media

08 August 2012

DW 6.08.2012

Constitutional Discussion

Sebhat Nega, Dr. Negasso Gidada and Professor Adnew Addis debate about the Ethiopian constitution(DW audio)


Has Meles gone AWOL?

VOA: Prof. Alemayehu G Mariam on Meles Zenawi and Power Succession Rights







Merara Gudina and Beyene Petros arrived in USA

ER reports:

1. The TPLF leadership has reached an agreement to appoint Hailemariam Desallegn as prime minister until 2015 at the urging of U.S. Africa Command.

3. Beneyen Betros, Merera Gudina and other members of the “loyal opposition” in Ethiopia are arriving in Washington DC for secret meetings with U.S. officials.


ህገ፥መንግሥቱ ላይ እንከራከር</strong

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