The End of A Therapy –

What A SHAME for the Ethiopian Political Management. Enough is said on the authoritarian regime, the late PM Melese Zenawi has led during the last 21 years.  However, he, Melese Zenawi as a person, could have deserved a better and human treatment of his death circumstances! Death is a natural phenomenon, which no one living being can be spared of.  It is a scandal however, that, of all people his own political friends, caused a disrespectful and an inhuman way of his ultimate valediction – blind political power calculations! 

After two months of confusion and denial to tell the truth, the Death of the PM, Melese Zenaw is confirmed:

Walta-Information-Center PC

Ethiopian Television reports: ETV

With that the “Workaholics Therapy” is over !

The End of A Therapy 

“Tiny & mighty

Aren’t you happy

Take a break! and scream!

You need A Therapy!”

(Change Your Mind;08.08.2008)

– What a cost of authenticity! Not only expenses!

Death is a natural phenomenon; – according to Ethiopian manner, we say “May the soul of everybody -yes everybody, be conveyed wih the Almighty’s deliverance”!

But if an administration of a great nation lies, every rest-bit of authenticity and legitimacy it may have at it disposal is at stake! And it is a shame, which could have been avoided!

Now a resolute path towards an overall national reconciliation is the only remedy that may save what could be saved in order to promote a peaceful transition!

The Big Picture

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