The New Science

Notes on the new movement of science
Unfortunately, Africa is at the moment busy in War and Conflicts! 

  “But science is getting very advanced with regard our understanding life. We know what it is, and we now know how to reproduce it. We produce life by writing new software.


“Many of us know the space, electric car, and solar energy inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, whose rockets are doing extremely well. Based on this success, within a decade we’re likely going to see attempts to colonize the moon. Elon wants to colonize Mars. Depending on how close moon and Mars are to each other, it takes between four minutes and twenty-one minutes for an electromagnetic wave, for light, to go from Earth to Mars. But imagine you’re on a colony on Mars, and you want a new cell that produces food, or fuel, or some medicine, or a vaccine, you can just e-mail that and convert it back into biology.

The idea that you’re basically a DNA-driven software device is not the view that people necessarily have of themselves. But every cell on this planet works that way in a biological-to-mechanical kind of fashion. No brain controlling what happens with DNA reading and protein synthesis in your cells. The combination of one hundred trillion cells gives different people different abilities to make wonderful music, to make science advances, to think, but every one of those cells operates in the same fashion. And that means we will be able to decode how the brain functions by understanding these same mechanisms. There’s no need to evoke mysticism or a higher being. That’s what Schrodinger did seventy years ago. He couldn’t explain things, so he did what people do when they can’t explain something. He evokes mysticism. But science is getting very advanced with regard our understanding life. We know what it is, and we now know how to reproduce it. We produce life by writing new software.

Our announcement made eighteen months ago, was one of the few science announcements that received an immediate response from the President and the Pope. The President asked his Bioethics Commission to start looking at this development as their number one issue, and the Vatican released a statement that all we did was change one of the engines of life. They said it could lead to some important advances, but it wasn’t creating life itself.

But DNA is not the engine of life, it’s the software of life; the proteins are the engines, they’re driven directly by that code in a very understandable, predictable fashion now. This has implications in many different areas.” (my emphasis)


My perception and synthesis (H.B.):


In sociology we are well beyond the legacy perception…. The “magic” conception is understanding the working parameters of  complexity and emergence through billion aspects of social and natural interactions.

The Logo: A H-uge –  H decoded as (S-C & M-C)
H ( I I)consists of two‘I’ s combined with hyphen ‘-‘ in the middle…The first I has on the top S for the Social, and on the bottom C for the Cultural. The second I has on top M for the Material, and on the bottom S for Spiritual. The Hyphen in the middle combining the two I s is vectored by the moments of Intelligence on the left side and Energy on the right side exactly similar to the Left and right hemisphere of the humans mind.

And H means in its totality not more or not less than Harmony or Human as Harmony carrier of the omega and alpha of creativity (not alpha and omega, it is the reverse process); transforming itself into an energy charged body. Now or today we are just on the way and we are still matter or mass charged and just biological! This Idea – The Idea of the transformation of the prevailing  matter/mass charged nature ( E = M* c*c (c squared; c the speed of Light) into an Energy/light charged nature ( E= m*c*c) or m = E/c*c occurred to me eight years ago,  during moments and stances of deep meditation with special “Dasein” experiences, which prompted me to come up with the harmony Model as the bridge towards that Energy charged nature, (which I believe is the nature of that BEYOND our reach at the moment but that which we, once in a while through special experience, could touch and what perhaps in the far-fetched future may be a day-to-day experience under the status-quo of the  dual modus of life and nature; the biological and non-biological-life, approximating that of that Beyond, which we don’t know yet except in some sense of intuition and special experiences).

 “H”- with the intrinsic  meaning  of Harmony


H I= h*q*q  ^ E=m*c*c  

( q, quality of music or aesthetics;” ^ ” meaning AND combined and related)

I feel the following research and the above is indicating in this direction. The 22nd century will indeed be an exciting phase of  A HUMAN Development!



Those properties as social capital, like trust, they result from social network interactions. We’ve seen that one of the biggest problems of the financial crisis was this evaporation of trust. It has burned tens of thousands of billion dollars. If we would learn how to stabilize trust, or build trust, that would be worth a lot of money, really. Today, however, we’re not considering the value of social capital.


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