The Virirtual Dictator in Timeline

The timeline is an interesting and valuable contribution, to ponder on what is really up! Not because, that, that individual’s fate is worth the coverage but, with the hope that the whole structure will somehow crumble, as it did in most cases of  autocracies, when the big “idiot” leaves.


Therefore in this context,

aware of the news

From Ethiopian Review

Azeb Mesfin arrives in Rome;

Elias | July 20th, 2012

in combination with

Fortune’s report:
The Premier came back to town on Friday evening, July 20, 2012, and he is recovering well, 

(my bold and italics)

Has she perhaps collected him via Italy back home ?

And at the latest; Reporter tells that he is on a long term “sick-leave” in USA.

(Perhaps on a marthon reconcilating last meeting with Birtukan and Seye under  the “Shimagile” role of Prof. Ephrem Yisak & Obama or Emissary.)


And is the following report threatening to come?


ደግሞም ድንቅ እንቅ ይበላችሁ

አልፌ ተርፌ  ሞቼም እነሳለሁ! 

ካስፈለገም ድግሞ ሳልኖር እገዛለሁ፣

 ለታሪክና ፌዝ ይመዝገብ በቶሎ፦ በጥብቅ አዝዣለሁ


 (ይኀ  ሁሉ፤)


እንዳንረሳሳ  ጅራፍ እባላለሁ

ገርፌ ጮሃለሁ፤
ብሬን አሸሻለሁ፡
  ብቻ ብያለሁ፤
ቀልቤን እንዳትገፉ፦ ሃብቴንም ስልጣኔን፣ እንዳ ትነካኩ
ባህር ማዶ ያለውን፤   ከባዕድ ወዳጄ እየፈረንጅ ባንኩ።


(ላለ ማለት  ሽር ጉዱ!)



ሌቱ እስኪነጋ ለት

ቀን እስኪወጣ ለት

ያገሬ ሰው እንደሁ

ተኝ ሲሉት ተኛለሁ

ቁም ሲሉት ቆማለሁ።


እኔ ግን እነሁ

አድንቁ ይግረማችሁ 

ቀኔ የሞላ ለት

 ክጫካ ወጥቼ፤

አሜሪካን ወዶኝ

እንግሊዝ ዶልቼ፤

ከተማ ገብቼ፦

ሙሉ ሃያ ዓመት ገዛሁኝ

የምሥራች በሉኝ።

ነገም ዛሬም እኔ አርባ እሞ ላለሁ፤

እከርማለሁ ገና  ከንጉሥ እበልጣለሁ፤

ቤን አሊ ጋዳፌ ሙባረክ አይደለሁ

ባስራ ሁለት ቢላ መብላት ተክኛለሁ።


እንደኔ ዓይነት ምላስ፤ 

                     ከሰንበር የሚለይ

ባሳብ በትካዜ፤

ባገር በወንዜም ላይ፤

                ኣንድም ቀን አይታይ፤

መለስ ዘና ዘና፤ ደሞም፤


የሚል ቆጣ ቆጣ

የሚያስደነግጥም በጣቶች ቆረጣ፤

                   ሃያ ምላስ አለኝ

በመላው አፍሪቃ፤

                ፍጡም ወደር የለኝ።

ለሁሉም መልስ ያለው፤

                         መለስ እባላለሁ

ባባቴ ዜናዊ  

የዜና ፋብሪካ፦ 

                      ወሬ እወልዳለሁ

ዕጡብ ድንቅ በሉኝ፤ 

                           ዘላለም ኖራ  ሁ።





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