A Simple Social-Agebra

A Simple Algebra of Social-Dynamics – The Role of the Youth


The Role of the Youth

A social collective is populated by different multiplicities of actors, with different preferences of interests and attractors of meanings.

If all actors are collectively designated as agency, we can call them „The Human Agency”.
This Agency can be divided ( to make the social analysis and its dynamics as simple as possible) into three big sections or strata, with the “participation” of two special agencies, we call “singularities”(cf. Deleuze parlance, multiplicities, assemblage, singularities etc.) – the Human and the Absolute; partially, these are models of abstraction, which can only be discerned in their effects in the final analysis of social dynamics).

Thus, the “Human Agency”, as posited in contrast to the all-encompassing “Natural Agency“ of Life , consists of

I. Multiplicities

A. The Elite (a)
B. The mass (b)
C: The Youth (c)

II. Singularities

D. The Human (d)
E. The Absolute (e)/or God to employ a concept of common understanding/

A. The Elite (a) is, in a given social complex, that multiplicity of singularities /individual subjects, singular in a sense of their indivisibility and objective sovereignty/, who are privileged, materially, spiritually or socially; due to different circumstances of historical, cultural or traditional/ patrimonial, or/and educational significance, resulting in social power emanating out of the given different backgrounds like military, religion, or family and social status, cumulated in a state structure of different forms.

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A Simple Social-Algebra

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A simple-algebra-of-social-dynamics-2


1) The Harmony Model:



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