“The Will to Life”

The Will_1

taking place in Tunis,26-30.03.2013.


The beautiful lines from a beautiful mind,

“The Will to Life” (Gaelle RaphaelTranslation)

by the  joung legendery Tunisian poet Abu Al-Qasim Al-Shabbi (1909-1934) republished here on the occasion of the World Social Forum 2013!

Science and "Secrets"



by Gaelle Raphael/translation 
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Shabbi

If, one day, the people wills to live
Then fate must obey
Darkness must dissipate
And must the chain give way
And he who is not embraced by life’s longing
Evaporates into its air and fades away
Woe to one whom life does not rip
from the slap of victorious nothingness
Thus told me the beings
And thus spoke their hidden spirit.
The wind murmured between the cracks
Over the mountains and under trees:
—If to a goal I aspire, …… Read MORE & more

The Will to Life


The Will-amh-a

The Will-amh-b

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