A “Man of The WEST” !?

There used to be A “Man of the WEST” and a lot more…
The West, the “champions” of Democracy & Human Rights i.e. USA & Europe supported him all through his “career”with billions & billions of dollars!
zenawi article.jpg

A must watch video….

All the way through the last two-three decades, they are aware of all what took place as documented in these clips. —  And at last he won “democratic elections” by 99.6% ….and short after this farce..”.their friend” died …but his “vision”remained, with all the awareness of his allies…And this is still on their desks proclaimed to be implemented
“Let us make it simple but not simpler” (Einstein)!

Who is the friend and foe of the Ethiopian people?


Friend: The Ethiopian People!

Foe: The allies of the Regime, – the regime made by the “Man of the West”!

It is high time we call a spade a spade! It is high time that we should be fed up of the doouble moral! If this regime had been an ally of the “East”, whatever that could be today, or let us say “Iran” or similar, the drums against it would have been louder than “The March of Folly”/1 .

Thus, the time of diplomacy would come after the triumph of the Ethiopian people! In between may be, the best thing one can do is to go to the peoples of these allies and important non-governmental intellectuals and opinion makers of their respective countries!

For instance campaigns like:



As a case in point how to do this, among others the Vietnam Experience 50 years back tells volumes !


ለመተከዣ እስቲ፣ በገና በትንሽ ፣ እናድምጥላቸው!

አንድ ቀን አይቀርም መደፋፋታቸው!

1/ The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam

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