Developmental Neo-Patrimonialism

Developmental Neo-Patrimonialism

Beware! “Our Allies – The West, The Occident” are designing A New Ideology for Africa. It has been launched as a research project way back in 2011 and is now coming forward, with a claim to be the panacea of poverty in the African Continent! The Big catechism is “DEVELOPMENTAL” but the real backdrop is “Patrimonial”, the new face of promoting racism and perpetual ethnic conflicts to get in touch to the resources of our continent! Ethiopia is promoted as the Prototype for the new face of racist ideology imported from the WEST!

A few extracts from the disciples, in their papers:

– In some circumstances neo-patrimonialism does not harm, and may even help, the climate for business and investment
– Neo-patrimonialism can be compatible with rapid, pro-poor, economic growth
– Donors and policy-makers need to recognize developmental neo-patrimonialism where it exists, and understand their impact on it.



.…. IN A WORD:
The whole ulterior motive behind the new legitimacy indoctrination of “neo-patrimonialism” is the objective of making the state administration transparent for foreign powers in order to rule by proxy. -The new face of neo-colonialism. The structure is clear – the hierarchy is apparent, the social interaction is simple, and that makes it easily corruptible, to get in touch to the valuable resources (see the land grabbing phenomenon – a novel development of the 21st century Africa) – and attain full control over them. It is easier to deal with the “patriarch” than negotiate with all the off springs, where every one of them would come to get the share of the resources and interests.
IN A WORD: The promotion of “neo-patrimonialism” is HYPOCRISY for sale in the name of research to perpetuate “neo-colonialism” with a new face: – “Developmental patrimonial state” under the auspices of the global financial oligarchy (an oligarchy for which of course, any “racist” birth-mark- is irrelevant- …it can be Europe, China, America or Saudi-Arabian! “Capital is not racist” …. -But only promoted in case of convenience. ). And yet, the oligarchy, in the short run, needs its ethnically structured entourage in the developing states, simply because it is easy to blackmail and manipulate!
I would even say; in the final analysis it is the same old “racist credo” which is driving them, to believe that we (Africans) could not do it otherwise than being “ethnically structured”!


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