A short lesson for State/Nation building (Parody)

A short lesson for State/Nation building:

The best scheme to make States/ build Nations

1. NSA consults: – Avoid such working modus!


2. NSA promotes:-  Try your best to implement such working condition, our means are at your disposal!


See an illustration in the Ethiopian case: Person 1: Task force for the Ethio-Administration; Person 2: Task force for various armed Ethio-Resistance; Person 3: Task-force for various non-armed resistance; Person 4: Task force for various legal opposition; Person 5: Task force for mediators 

3. NSA congratulates:- You will enjoy the benefit in the air; during the fly!




4. NSA reports from the global HQ; See our report:



5. NSA in Action all over the globe; Motto: “Diamonds” are only your best friends:











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