The Legacy

There seems to be these days a blind-folded assault, on Ethiopianism, i.e. the legacy of Ethiopia, from some sections of Ethiopian politics, infatuated with anachronistic radical ethnic-nationalism.

How would a modern Ethiopia be related to this legacy? Please see some valuable references along this line; if you like, in order to tune your attitude to a healthy and constructive state of mind.


The core of this article is reprinted from Thursday, 23 September 2010

One can never undo The Past. Therefore one has to get acquainted to it positively and inclusively as authentically as possible. Deconstruction (revolution, class struggle, self-determination etc.) may be a phase in a life process, on the conscious or unconscious highway of “the search for truth” or/and “the contention for justice”; down deep at the bottom of the spirit to understand; or at least to imagine what is at stake. But once so deep to conceive what IT is or can BE, one has to take IT the way it came, as events of time and appraise it critically, unbiased by agency which may prefer to see it otherwise, be it moved by some utilitarian ulterior purpose, or driven by some ideological motives (ex. colonialism, ideology or systems of faith etc.) of this or that colour…

In this objective, without being in a position to evaluate the authenticity of scholarly reports and documentation, (even if some “self-imagined modernist nationalists” may prefer to “trivialize” them as myths; be it myth or not; without reflecting the least on what big a role myths and forms of faiths play in anthropology, the nature of man and state-formation)  I think the following “blog” has a lot of quite interesting contributions concerning “Ethiopia” and our African Past. It is high time that we attain some sort of self-esteem without claiming any form of “superiority” or any notions of ideologically motivated exclusiveness (ie. being better than this or that or the “other” and the “counterpart”; the concern of nature has never been the point of being better or worse but contention and concerted actions and events to develop by the way of the nuances of differences signifying different qualities; ie. singularities, every single of them in their innate rights and legitimation “to be and become” what they are!), and manifest sovereignty in reflecting on the past, in order to make a breakthrough into the future. Africa and Ethiopia had enough sufferings and require the immediate “light” and “peace” along every line and aspect.

In this perspective reading the blog: “
An Ethiopian Journal” is refreshing  and indeed interesting; if you prefer of course always critically … I prefer to be critical too but always “positive in a difference” /a^ la Deleuze/.



-the-ancient-ethiopians-and-their-widespread-influence-on-the-early-history-of civilization/



-the Ethiopian Calendar

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