Harmony and The Amagi-Symbol


Harmony and The Amagi-Symbol of FREEDOM


AMA-GI – the first recorded script of an ancient language meaning LIBERTY.1

 “Ama-gi is an ancient Sumerian word (a-ma-gee) thought to denote “freedom” or “liberty”. It was written in its original form in Sumerian cuneiform. The Sumerian script was adapted for the writing of nearly a dozen languages including Old Persian. It is believed to be the first expression of the concept of freedom in writing. Literally translated, it means “return to mother” used to denote reform. “ /2

“The Sumerian civilization was already ancient when it ended in 2004 B.C., twenty centuries before Julius Caesar, sixteen centuries before Socrates, and seven centuries before Tutankhamen.” / 3

Interpreting AMA-GI in the Parlance of the Harmony Model


The Harmony Model and The Amagi-Symbol

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