Good Bye Dogmatic Wreath

ሕብረ፥ቅላጼ / SIDE Harmony 2014

 Digital Issue

Good Bye Dogmatic Wreath


Welcome Social Harmony

When is the Ethiopian political class going to get rid of its dogmatic wreath?

 A glance at the political discussion all through the active political organized players and stakeholders would suffice to find out that this is not the case. With this in mind to give social harmony a chance I have presented a model of harmony, which I was promoting during the last decade so that a touch of serenity and sovereignty would come to the latter. Say good bye to the bewildered spirit of the youth of the last generation and its dogmatic wreath to welcome the new youth with the new spirit of enlightenment and cultural development. Make 2015 the year of the enlightened youth for a bright future of peace and social harmony, free of the dogmatic past, making your choice as a sovereign individual to determine your own destiny.

I would like to invite the contemporary youth, on this trip and look into the harmony model. – Not only the latter but also the last and lost generation of the past too, who are still messing up the present Ethiopian landscape with their political legacy and the dogmatic wreath of their past, whatever color it manifests.


Good Bye Dogmatic Wreath

The Harmony Model

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