On Intelligence – Jeff Hawkins

Intelligence and the Brain: Recent Advances in Understanding How the Brain Works with Jeff Hawkins

A Wonderful Introduction to understand how Intelligence emerges!


On Intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to Hawkins, intelligence emerges in the cerebral cortex, a sheet folded into six layers that consists of many regions. A hierarchical cortical structure guides the functional principles of each region in the cortex. What then is the fundamental magic of the brain? Dynamic predictions based on incoming information. These predictions start in the lower layers of hierarchy and are sent to the upper layers of each region. When predictions are correct, the situation is correctly understood. Incorrect predictions require additional global interpretation and prediction at higher layers. Prediction results from higher levels are sent back to lower layers to help the understanding of incoming information. This system is memory-based: the associative memory of recurrent connections enables new predictions based on past information. In short, Hawkins says that emerging intelligence in the brain is based on the ability to make predictions based on associative memory with invariant representations.


“sheet folded into six layers that consists of many regions”

How is this structured in content and context ?

I would like to presume that this may amount to the the six planes of “The Harmony Model” and the corresponding sections, sectors, dimensions etc.

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