The Oromo Issue Today

AT THE LATEST, after looking at the Inauguration of the Oromia Media Network in the USA,  –

anticipating what is awaiting Ethiopia Today, and among others earlier,

after reading this article,

I made up my mind to dig into papers on  the chronicles of the Oromos and related, which are at least available at the moment on the internet.

As much as  “The Question of Eritrea” was a significant theme of the political discourse of the last generation, with the outcome we are well acquainted with today, “The Oromo Question” may as well play a major role in the political deliberations of the present Ethiopian generation. Whether some of us would like to consider “nationalism” in its narrow regional perspective ( not to use the concept called “narrow” nationalism) to be anachronistic in the coming 21st century, vis a vis  being a significant regional global player (or at the least to escape being a playing ball of bigger political entities), one has nonetheless to be fully aware of the “Oromo politcal discourse” to assume a pragmatic political activity with all the backdrops of  the concrete Ethiopian political reality and its constituencies!

Find a few of the collections I happened to access  in the folllowing link:-



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