"…..the inaction of those ……made it possible ….." HSI

”  Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who would have acted; the indifference of those who would have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph”   (HSI)

May be this very call by Himself prompted my generation to work against his rule for a better vision, a fundamental structural change-  with all the disaster that followed. Hope is still a principle, the vision never dies and a Just and Genuine Democratic Ethiopia is on the horizon. 

Therefore, as an old child of the “protest generation of the 60s”, I am neither someone who would dream on the restoration of the old feudal order, with an illusion to change the flow of time, nor a promoter of any of the modernist social agencies, which would reformulate any discourse of philosophy or faith to present it as a structural model to run modern nations, (cf. constitutional monarchy etc. The real parody of the queen of England or the “copulation” of “William and Kate” attended by millions, makes me always smile on our stupidity, to be in need of such projections to unfold the mind). I am an opponent of such ideas by all standards, since I am “an apostle” of enlightenment a la Kant, – Sapere Aude!-  to which I am fully committed, in the faith of the authentic, autonomous and sovereign Human, embodied in every single of us!  Nonetheless this would not by all means prevent me to critically appraise all leading figures of history, in their role of the formation of nations and states. Given his rule of  Absolute Monarchy my generation has witnessed, and the great outstanding role he played in the anti-colonial & anti-racist liberation struggle of Africa on the other side, the last  Emperor Haile Selassie I of ETHIOPIA belongs to this category of prominence…
And In this context, wiser after the prime-age, I wouldn’t mind the least to reiterate such relevant statements from him like the above beautiful message!.
The above telling civil (not the pomp and splendour) picture with the corresponding impressive message (1* is so relevant in these days of African struggle for dignity against all tyrannies, that I have to reproduce it here again. 

 A telling art of photography! 
The picture for modesty;
The pose for reflection;
The look for humility;
“Tizibt”/ትዝብት/regret, for our failure to make it better, 
The whole in its entirety for the serious plight of Ethiopia (2*,
calling for an immediate change!

Many Thanks belongs to the Web-source where I came across it! A site with more valuable resources on a peaceful struggle for dignity!


As if the political condition is not distressing enough, such stories from the spiritual sphere makes the misery as unendurable as ever! May just god bless the new generation to make an end to this blasphemy on all fronts!

1*)  Like: http://www.mtholyoke.edu/acad/intrel/selassie.htm 

2*) The economic invasion of Ethiopia by the new  neo-colonialists of Africa, like Saudi Arabia, India, China or Turkey etc. – the land grabbing phenomenon and its outcome  (see Capital flight:http://addisfortune.com/Over%20$8bn%20Flee%20Ethiopia%20in%20Two%20Decades.htm)  )


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